US election live ticker: +++ 11:54 Republican wins election with 6 votes ahead – with 394,400 voters +++

After a recount, the result of the election for the House of Representatives in the second congressional district of the state of Iowa has been determined – and it could hardly be closer. With a total of 394,400 votes cast, Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks came in wafer-thinly with just six crosses ahead of Democrat Rita Hart. This is what the “Iowa Press CitizenThe previous Democratic incumbent Dave Loebsack was no longer running, so after the victory of the Republicans, the Democrats will lose another seat of their already shrinking majority in the House of Representatives. Officially, the result will be verified on Monday, whether the defeated Hart will take action against it again , is so far unclear – she had already initiated the recount because it was originally only 48 votes behind.

+++ 11:09 except for Biden: Democrats suffered a series of cracking election defeats +++
Record turnout, a record number of absolute votes and a lush cushion of millions of voters ahead of Donald Trump: Joe Biden won the presidential election by a significant margin. The radiance of the choice of people and all the excitement that goes with it, however, mask another dimension: The election was a series of crushing defeats for the Democrats in many ways. Because there were far more things to vote on the ballot papers than the head of state. As the “New York Times“In summary, the Democrats are experiencing a downright” bloodbath “in almost all other aspects. First of all, they had actually expected to win majorities in twelve state parliaments through a change in mood in the suburbs of large cities. The main aim was to regain power years ago, after overwhelming victories, the Republicans had made major changes to the districts in their favor. The Democrats have not made it in any single state. Even in circles that Biden clearly won for the presidential ticket, others had to Democratic candidates sometimes suffer devastating defeats against Republicans or Republican content. Experts are certain that, contrary to the expectations of many Democrats, voters wanted to end Trump’s presidency, but still remain far from approving the content of the Democrats and their policies.

+++ 10:44 Ex-presidential candidate calls for a pardon from Snowden and Assange +++
Democrat and primary presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has called on President Donald Trump to pardon whistleblower Edward Snowden and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. There are controversial espionage proceedings against both of them. The call for this step is re-emphasized after Trump pardoned his former advisor Michael Flynn, who confessed in the Russia affair, on Thursday. This decision was heavily criticized, the Democratic spokeswoman for the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, spoke of “brazen abuse of power”. Gabbard now tweeted, “If you have ever been to handing out pardons, please consider pardoning those who, at great personal sacrifice, exposed the cover-up and crime of the Deep State”.

+++ 09:56 Republicans could lose tons of voters to Trump +++
It has long been suspected that behind the harshly criticized reluctance of almost all Republican politicians towards President Donald Trump’s behavior there is fear of alienating the many supporters of Trump and losing them as voters. A CNBC poll (see also the ticker entry at 07:47 a.m.) now substantiates the justification of this fear with a strikingly clear number. Should Donald Trump decide to leave the Republican Party, a whopping 72 percent of those surveyed would identify with a Trump party. In that case, only 28 percent would remain loyal to the Republicans even without Donald Trump. Trump is considering running again for the presidency in 2024. Should he do so without the Republican Party, it could face a massive voter slump.

+++ 09:18 Melania Trump wants to unpack in her own memoir +++
The First Lady Melania Trump, known to the public as reserved, is apparently in talks to write her own memoirs about her time in the White House. That reports “Page Six“Citing an insider -” It is not finished yet and it will not pass as quietly as one might expect. “According to the source, President Donald Trump supports Melania in this idea, and he himself has lucrative multi-million dollar deals for books Melania’s interest in publishing her own experience should also be fueled by her former friend and advisor Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s reveal book “Melania and I” from September. Last but not least, this high-profile mud battle should also make Melania’s book a possible box-office hit .

+++ 08:35 Pennsylvania: Supreme Court throws Trump’s lawsuit down with clear words +++
In the turmoil over the outcome of the election, President Donald Trump suffered the next legal defeat in the embattled state of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed a case by Trump’s Republicans against the election result. They had demanded that postal votes be declared invalid – or that all votes cast in the state be canceled and that the decision on the election winner be left to the local parliament. The judges unanimously rejected both claims – including the “extraordinary” proposal to “disenfranchise” all 6.9 million Pennsylvania voters. The lawsuit was formally directed against a 2019 Pennsylvania postal voting extension bill that Trump’s attorneys ruled unconstitutional. However, the judges dismissed the lawsuit as being out of time because the law had been in force for more than a year.

+++ 07:47 lies fruit: Trump has convinced almost all supporters of election fraud +++
A poll of Donald Trump supporters found that the overwhelming majority of them supported the president’s refusal to admit defeat. In the CNBC investigation only three percent of respondents said Trump should admit defeat and begin handing power to Joe Biden. 31 percent are of the opinion that the legal disputes first have to be fought, a full 66 percent say Trump should never admit defeat regardless of all factors. 73 percent of his supporters consider Trump – contrary to all evidence – to be the legitimate winner of the election. Four in five Trump supporters (81 percent) also say they have no intention of giving Biden a chance as president.

+++ 07:06 Ex-Trump advisor sued FBI for $ 75 million +++
Carter Page, who served as a foreign policy advisor for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign team, has sued the US Department of Justice, the FBI, and various senior ministry officials for damages. This is what the “Independent“The background is the surveillance of Pages in the course of the investigation into the allegations of the involvement of Trump’s campaign team with Russia. At that time it was suspected that Page was a target of Russian efforts to recruit him as a spy. The opposition Democrats initiated his surveillance at that time Page and his attorneys denounced that the FBI had failed to adequately investigate this, alleging that his surveillance was against laws aimed at preventing unlawful surveillance of US citizens and against Violate the Constitution. Page requests $ 75 million in compensation.

+++ 06:19 Biden is planning a huge LGBTQ reform package +++
The new US President Joe Biden has been known for years as a supporter of LGBTQ rights. Now he promises not only to reverse all new restrictions imposed by the Trump administration in office, but also to become active in many ways. First of all, Trump’s almost complete exclusion of transgender people from the military is to be lifted. In addition, significantly stricter anti-discrimination rules are to come for authorities. Biden also plans to establish high positions for LGBTQ rights in the Home Office and the Security Council. In addition to regulations that he can enforce himself, the implementation of the Equal Rights Act is the top priority. The law was passed by the democratically dominated House of Representatives last year, but has since been blocked in the majority Republican Senate.

+++ 05:13 Trump has to give Biden’s Twitter account +++
Twitter and Facebook are preparing to hand over control of the @POTUS account to Joe Biden and his team on January 20th. The social media company announced according to “Reuters”. POTUS stands for “President of the United States”. The accounts on both platforms are the official accounts of the President of the United States – and not to be confused with the Twitter account @realDonaldTrump and the Facebook page @DonaldTrump, which Donald Trump mainly uses to publish his posts.

+++ 23:20 Black Lives Matter supporters angry about Biden’s ministerial candidates +++
Joe Biden is reportedly considering making Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Secretary of Transportation in his future administration. Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement are so horrified that, according to local broadcaster Fox 11, several hundred of them gathered in front of Garcetti’s house for a demonstration. The protests began a few days ago. The demonstrators say they want to continue every day. Garcetti is particularly accused of dealing with police violence against blacks in the metropolis of Los Angeles. Garcetti is “the worst mayor in the world,” the broadcaster quotes the demonstrators. Biden shouldn’t give him any post at all.

+++ 22:17 Harris has to laugh at the question about a renewed Trump candidacy +++
The idea of ​​campaigning against Donald Trump again in 2024 made Vice President-elect Kamala Harris laugh. When a reporter asked if she and Joe Biden were prepared, Harris just said, “Please!”, Laughed and moved on.

The idea that Trump could run again in the upcoming election is gaining momentum. He has reportedly spoken to several confidants about it. He should even consider holding a kind of campaign kick-off event on January 20, 2021 at the same time as the inauguration of his successor Biden.

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