US election: staggering results of an investigation in the state of Michigan

Five months after the US presidential election, the official results of an audit carried out in Michigan seem to confirm suspicions of massive fraud denounced by former President Donald Trump and his team.

In 9 out of 83 counties of this state, after checking the computers equipped with the famous DOMINION application, responsible for counting the votes, 66,194 ballots from unregistered people were found, which in all the counties could reach a figure of more than 600,000 votes. In addition and above all, chips from yper ES&S were discovered well hidden inside computers on the motherboard, which could be connected to the Internet without going through a modem, which was prohibited for fear of external intervention.

President Joe Biden is well in place, but a suspicious shadow will always remain on the good conduct of this election so important in world politics.

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Attorney Matthew DePerno releases Michigan elections forensics report

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