US elections: “This time the Democrats screwed it up”

WORLD: Do you think Democrats have learned anything from the past four years?

Niall Ferguson: They didn’t understand why Trump won. And it’s a really sad sign that they chose a Joe Biden as a candidate. McCain was beaten, before people even cast their votes, because the Democrats found someone like Barack Obama who embodied the change to younger politics in the best possible way. But this time the Democrats really screwed it up. You put up a candidate so old and weak that he could even lose. If that is the best they can produce, then that is ominous testimony for the democratic establishment.

And that’s the only reason why this choice is still pending: Because Biden could lose it at any moment in a debate or a disastrous performance. Just as Admiral Jellicoe could lose World War I in one afternoon, so Biden can lose that election in one night.


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