US military suspends contract with Microsoft

At the beginning of the 2nd quarter of this year, an agreement was signed between the US military and the US giant Microsoft. The agreement signed in April 2021 concerns the delivery of equipment for American soldiers in the future. 120,000 augmented reality headsets should in this context be delivered to the US military to help US soldiers better accomplish their missions in the field.

We have just learned that the contract with Microsoft has been suspended by the US military. The information was provided by the site The Drive. The headset that Microsoft was supposed to provide that was given the name IVAS hear Integrated Visual Augmented System was to be used by army soldiers during field trips but also during training sessions.

This helmet which had to be specific to the soldier is inspired by the model of HoloLens 2. According to several sources that we consulted, the delivery of the 120,000 helmets would know just a delay according to a press release from the American army. On the other hand we learn that the date of commissioning of these helmets has been postponed to 2022 after the first tests scheduled for May of that same year. This helmet project would cost 22 billion dollars according to our sources to the army.

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