US Open|18-year-old new post coach Lado Jane Luchao says he needs to move to a higher level (17:16)-20210925-Sports-Real Time News

Radu Janelu competed in the women’s singles final of the US Open on the 12th of this month, overwhelming another Canadian girl player Lila Ferrandis, writing multiple events and the history of the Grand Slam. She attended the celebration in her hometown yesterday and cooperated with the Duchess of Cambridge Kate in the women’s doubles. After the event, she revealed that she had broken up with the coach: “I need a coach with WTA experience to help me move to a higher level, preferably someone with similar experience. Predecessor.”

Radu Jane was in the top 16 of the Wimbledon Championship, and suddenly announced his retirement due to breathing difficulties. After that, he invited Andrew Richardson to assist in a series of American events, and finally realized his dream after being sealed in the US Open. The 47-year-old Andrew Richardson is a hometown of Radu Janeiro. The best Grand Slam record of a player’s career was Wimbledon’s third lap. He was transferred to coach after hanging up in 2000.

Radu Jane said that he is still looking for a suitable coach, and hopes to take into account his studies to enter the university, because the college entrance examination has just achieved good results in economics, and hopes to follow his parents to study this subject. Currently ranked 20th in the world, she is ranked 14th at the end of the year, saying that it is another dream to enter this event, but there are not many games left and cannot be forced.

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