world US presidential election: Russia also wants to help Sanders

US presidential election: Russia also wants to help Sanders


US media report on intelligence findings that Russia wants to support the Democrat Sanders in addition to President Trump in the election campaign. He spoke in a speech on the reports.

By Torsten Teichmann, ARD Studio Washington

Russia is trying to create chaos and sow hatred, Senator Bernie Sanders said at a campaign freeze in Bakersfield, California. He was informed a month ago that the Russian leadership may be trying to support his candidacy. Sanders did not say why he was only now speaking after the Washington Post reported it.

The senator is currently leading polls on the Democratic presidential candidacy. US law enforcement officers had found evidence in the 2016 election campaign that Russia had tried to use Social Media to get Sanders forward even then – against Hillary Clinton.

Russian influence in the election in 2016

In February 2018, 13 Russian citizens and three companies were charged in the United States. You tried to influence the choice; spreading derogatory information about Clinton online, disparaging Republican candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to support Sanders and then-Donald Trump.

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World News :

At the Democrats’ debate last Wednesday in Las Vegas, Sanders had suggested that a group of supporters, known as Bernie Bros, could be influenced from outside. There is no evidence of this, the Washington Post quotes an expert from the Atlantic Council. The debate about the integrity of the US presidential election is hardly over.

Earlier this week, a representative from Secret Service Coordinator Joseph Maquire told MPs that Russia preferred President Trump’s re-election in November. Trump reacted annoyed and replaced Maquire with the US ambassador to Germany, Grenell.



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