US state of Mississippi parts with controversial flag policy

Joe Biden described voting as a moral victory –
29.06.2020 09:30 a.m.

The flag of Mississippi shows 13 white stars on two blue, white-bordered diagonal stripes on a red background. It is now being abolished in its current form.

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The flag, which has been in force since 1894, commemorates the former slave owners in the American South, the so-called Confederates. According to US media reports, Mississippi was the last state whose official flag was reminiscent of the Confederate. The death of the African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation At the end of May and the subsequent protests against racism, opponents of the flag had given new tailwind.

According to the State House of Representatives, the Senate also voted to abolish the current flag on Sunday evening (local time). The Senators voted with a majority of 91-23 votes in favor of the change, as numerous US media reported unanimously. Republican Governor Tate Reeves announced on Saturday that he would sign the relevant law as soon as he had it.

According to the law, a commission should work out the new flag by mid-September. It should contain the motto “We trust in God” and be put to the vote on November 3rd – parallel to the presidential election.

Comment on the death of George Floyd: USA needs a different police force

The local TV station WLBT 3 reported that the flag was hoisted over the parliament just minutes after the vote – despite demonstrators in front of the building promoting the receipt of the flag. Democratic presidential nominee-designate Joe Biden described the Mississippi vote as a moral victory. The previous flag of the state has an image of a Confederate war flag on the upper left, which is often simply referred to as the southern flag.

Riots in the US after the death of George Floyd

After the violent death of the black George Floyd, who had died after a police check, riots broke out in American cities for several days.

The flag of the former oppressive regime, which is still popular in the southern states, is coming under increasing pressure due to its racist past. The popular Nascar motorsport series, for example, banned viewers from bringing the flag to races a few weeks after Floyd’s death.

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