[US stock market conditions]Biden signed a new executive order for 10-year bond yields as low as 1.47%. The Nasdaq rose 0.3% (continuously updated)-Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-Market Finance-Stock Market

Biden signs a new executive order to revoke TikTok and WeChat bans, but to step up censorship of foreign rival apps. Earlier, the U.S. Senate passed the “American Innovation and Competition Act” of more than US$250 billion (HK$1.95 trillion), as expected, to strengthen US competitiveness. The bill was seen as a response to Chinese threats. The Dow turned down in the afternoon session, and the Nasdaq index continued to rise.

Global bond yields all fell. The US 10-year bond yield fell below 1.5% to the lowest level since March, and was as low as 1.47%. It shows that investors are betting that the Federal Reserve is still some distance away from reducing economic stimulus measures. The market continues to wait and see the inflation data, the Nasdaq once again rose to 14,000 points in the early stages.

European stocks closed slightly higher on Wednesday, and healthcare stocks rose 1.92%.

In addition, the Bank of Canada announced to maintain the target interest rate at 0.25%, and will maintain it until at least the second half of next year; the central bank will maintain the weekly net purchase of 3 billion Canadian dollars in Canadian government bonds, and continue to provide an appropriate level of monetary policy stimulus to support economic recovery And achieve the 2% inflation target.

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Market trend:

[01:40]The Dow fell 52 points, the index rose 3 points, and the Nasdaq rose 0.3%.

[22:54]The Dow rose 36 points, the index rose 5 points, and the Nasdaq rose 0.2%.

[22:42]US President Biden issued a new executive order requiring the reassessment of applications that pose a security risk to national security. The Nasdaq rose 0.3% and the Dow rose 35 points.

[21:30]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 20 points to 34619 points. The index rose 8 points to 4236 points. The Nasdaq rose more than 0.4% to 13,984 points. Large technology and Internet stocks continued to rise.

[21:12]Nasdaq futures rose 0.4%

[20:09]The U.S. 10-year bond yield once fell below 1.5%, see 1.49%, and has now risen slightly to 1.5%. The Dow futures fell 7 points, the Nasdaq futures rose 0.3%, and the standard index futures fell 5 points.

[17:17]DoorDash (US: DASH), an American food delivery platform, announced its entry into the Japanese market. This is the first expansion in Asia. DoorDash’s share price rose slightly before the market.

[17:09]”Southeast Asia Tencent” Sea Limited (US: SE)’s Shopee (Xiapi) announced its entry into Colombia and Chile, the stock rose more than 1% before the market.

[17:07]Head Education (US: ZME), a Chinese online education platform that operates “Master 1 to 1”, soared 48% in its first listing on Tuesday, but the stock retreated before the market on Wednesday and is now down 12.7%.

[New stock IPO]Mainland online education platform, head of education, first listed up 48%, net fundraising at lower limit price exceeded US$40 million

[16:48]The U.S. 10-year bond yield fell back to 1.514%. US stock futures rose, Nasdaq futures rose 0.1%

[15:00]European stocks developed individually, and the British stock market fell 0.1% in the early session.

[12:50]US stock futures developed individually, with Dow futures falling and Nasdaq futures rising slightly.

【08:45】The IRS asks Congress to authorize access to cryptocurrency market data

【07:40】The U.S. Senate passes the “U.S. Innovation and Competition Act” to counter China

==Following June 8th (Tuesday) Stock Market ==

Biden and the Republican Party failed to negotiate a $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan and will not negotiate further, but Biden still hopes to reach an agreement with other groups including individual Republican lawmakers. The White House statement stated that Biden is willing to reduce by 1 The scale of trillions of dollars, but the Republican Party is only willing to increase the new investment of 150 billion US dollars; the Republican Party statement pointed out that Biden is ultimately unwilling to choose a targeted infrastructure plan, Biden will be in the future with eight moderates, including the two parties. Send members to continue discussions. Dow futures were little changed.

The U.S. 10-year bond yield fell to 1.52%. The market continued to wait and see inflation data. The World Bank raised its global economic growth forecast to 5.6%. U.S. stocks developed individually. The Nasdaq rose, and the benchmark challenged historical highs.

[Economic Forecast]The World Bank raised its global economic growth forecast for this year to 5.6%, and it is forecasted that China will grow by 8.5%

The Dow fell more than 170 points in the early stage, and closed stable at 34599 points, down 30 points; the Nasdaq rose 0.3% to 13,924 points; the standard index rose less than 1 point to 4227 points.

See the closing of US stocks:

US President Biden will meet again later on Tuesday with Republican Senators responsible for coordinating infrastructure plans to discuss the infrastructure plans and next steps.

The scale of the Fed’s reverse repurchase operation on Tuesday continued to hit a record high, reaching 497.4 billion US dollars. This shows that in the current low-yield environment, the market generally lacks investment channels and financial institutions tend to provide loans to the Fed at zero interest rates.

Tesla (US: TSLA) wholesale sales of 33,463 vehicles in May on the mainland, an increase of 29% month-on-month, sales will be even higher in June. Tesla’s stock price rose first and then recovered and closed down 0.25%.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that even if the U.S. and Iran are willing to rejoin the 2015 nuclear agreement, Washington’s sanctions on Iran will continue to be implemented. The news drove international oil prices to rise on Tuesday, and New York oil futures broke the $70 barrier.

In addition, the United States announced yesterday that the number of job vacancies at JOLTS in April increased from 8.29 million to 9.286 million, a record high, highlighting the strong demand for labor.

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Market trend:

[04:00]The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 30 points to 34599 points. The standard index rose less than 1 point to close at 4227 points. The Nasdaq rose 0.3% to 13924 points.

[02:44]US stocks remained unchanged, the Dow fell 2 points to 34627 points; the Nasdaq rose 38 points or 0.3% to 13,919 points; the standard index rose 3 points to 4229 points

【02:32】New York July crude oil futures closed up 0.82 US dollars, or 1.18%, to 70.05 US dollars.

London Brent crude oil futures expanded their gains to US$72.26, or 1.09%, a new high since May 31, 2019.

[02:30]U.S. aviation stocks strengthened, Hawaiian Airlines rose more than 10%, West Air Airlines, Delta Airlines, and China Southern Airlines rose more than 2%, Southwest Airlines rose 1.65%, and United Airlines rose 1.34%. Previously, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxed the US travel recommendation level from level 4 to level 3.

[02:26]The share price of EHang, a Chinese drone maker, rose 13%, and Kodak (KODK.N) went straight up, and the increase also expanded to more than 13%

[02:00]U.S. stocks developed individually in the afternoon session. The Dow fell 13 points to 34617 points; the Nasdaq rose 24 points or 0.2% to 13,906 points; the standard index rose 3 points to 4230 points

[01:42]New York’s August gold futures closed down 0.2% to US$1,894.40.

[01:32]The well-known jeans brand Levi’s increased its growth rate to more than 2%, setting a new market high of US$26.98. The media quoted a draft document and reported that the United States and the European Union wanted to end Trump’s US$18 billion tariff dispute.

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing also rose 0.5%; heavy-duty motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson rose more than 4%.

[00:32]MicroStrategy, a commercial software company, fell more than 7%. Previously, it had fallen by as much as 8.9%. The company said it would use the issuance of Bitcoin junk bonds to expand from 400 million U.S. dollars to 500 million U.S. dollars.

[00:03]The Dow fell 13 points to 34616 points; the Nasdaq rose 1 point to 13,882 points. The benchmark index fell 2 points to 4224 points; Amazon (US: AMZN) rose 1.6%, up by more than 2% in the early stage; Tesla (US: TSLA) fell 0.3%, reversing the early gains of nearly 3%.

New York oil futures surpassed the 70 US dollar mark. The high on Monday was the 70 mark, temporarily rising 0.7% to US$69.69; London Brent oil futures rose 0.5% to US$71.83.

[23:47]The head of education (US: ZME) triggered a circuit breaker, the increase was 78.43% before the suspension, the stock price was reported at 20.52 US dollars, and the market value reached 3.235 billion US dollars.

[23:34]China Concept Stock Education (US: ZME) US IPO opened at US$16.13 on the first day, which was more than 40% higher. The IPO price previously given was US$11.50 per depositary receipt (ADS).

[23:02]The Dow fell 16 points to 34614 points; the Nasdaq rose 0.2% to 13910 points. Tesla (US: TSLA) went up and down, large technology stocks performed well, and Amazon (US: AMZN) rose nearly 1.9%.

[22:41]Clover Health Investments (US: CLOV), the new favorite of WSB holding group stocks, once rose more than doubled, and is now up 83% to US$21.81; GameStop rose more than 18%; AMC rose more than 6%.

The Dow fell 36 points and the Nasdaq’s gains narrowed to 0.3%.

[22:08]WSB stocks rose again. GameStop (US: GME) once rose by 20%, AMC (US: AMC) and Blackberry (US: BB) rose by 8%.

[22:05]The number of job vacancies in the United States increased from 8.29 million to 9.286 million in April, a record high, highlighting the strong demand for labor, but the major indexes other than the Nasdaq still fell.

[21:30]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 20 points to 34,650 points, the Nasdaq rose 0.5% to 13,946 points, and the standard index rose 8 points to 4235 points. The U.S. 10-year bond yield was reported at 1.52%.

[20:48]The US 10-year bond yield plummeted to 1.518%, and the Nasdaq futures rose to 0.6%.

[18:34]Dow futures fell 105 points, Nasdaq futures rose 0.05%, and standard index futures fell 5 points. The U.S. 10-year bond yield fell 1.5% to 1.54%. European stocks performed better. German stocks rose 0.03%, French stocks rose 0.1%, and British stocks rose 0.2%.

[12:40]Dow futures fell 25 points to 34591 points; standard index futures rose 2 points to 4227 points; Nasdaq futures rose 26 points or 0.2% to 13,830 points.

【12:35】Trump’s export + Bitcoin ransom was seized, Bitcoin fell 10% and fell below $33,000

【11:20】AMTD Digital issues 16 million ADS shares to raise about 1 billion yuan

【10:05】The head of an online education platform in the Mainland plans to set a limited price of US$11.5 for a 1-to-1 net fundraising of more than 40 million

【08:30】MicroStrategy issues $400 million in junk debt to bet on buying Bitcoin

【08:00】Dada Group’s quarterly results beat expectations and announced a US$150 million repurchase plan. The stock price rose 4% after the market

==Following June 7th (Monday) Stock Market ==

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that raising interest rates is a good thing. Investors are worried that the Federal Reserve will tighten loose monetary policy early. They wait and see the inflation data in May this week. The Dow continued to be under pressure on Monday and the Nasdaq rebounded repeatedly.

The Dow closed down 126 points to 34630 points; the Nasdaq rose 67 points to 13,881 points; the standard index fell 3 points to 4226 points; the 10-year bond yield was unchanged at 1.571%; the US dollar fell by 90 points and reported 89.97.

US stock market closing situation:

At this year’s World Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced the launch of a new version of the operating system iOS 15 for iPhone mobile phones. One of the new features is the introduction of new audio and video functions for the FaceTime App; Windows and Android (Android) It is also possible to support FaceTime calls through the browser. This is the first cross-platform support for FaceTime. Apple’s share price was flat at $125.9.

Tesla (Tesla) gradually digested the bad news, once fell 2.7%, and closed up 1%.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is concerned about whether there is market manipulation in “meme stocks” (net celebrity stocks), but the lazy risk management of theater company AMC and game retailer GameStop has risen by 14.5% and 12.7% respectively.

U.S. SEC investigates WSB stocks volatility, AMC’s rise narrows to 15%, turnover still reaches $19.4 billion

Closing increase Maximum increase
AMC Cinemas +14.8% +24.6%
GameStop +12.7% +12.7%
KOSS +2.4% +14.5%

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hot news︰

[Focus this week]China announced the results of CPI and PPI interest rate discussions on the European Central Bank on Wednesday, and the US May CPI released on Thursday

[Apple WWDC]Is it expected that iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 will be released and the Macbook Pro 14-inch will be unveiled?

[Rich man in space]Amazon Bezos plans to go to space after stepping down as CEO to participate in Blue Origin’s first manned space tour next month

Market trend:

[04: 00]The Dow closed at 126 points to close at 34630 points, the standard index fell 0.1% to close at 4226 points, and the Nasdaq rose 0.5% to close at 13,881 points.

[03:09]The Dow fell 137 points or 0.4% to 34618 points; the index fell 8 points; the Nasdaq rose 53 points or 0.4% to 13868 points; Apple held WWDC 2021, and its stock price temporarily fell 0.6%; Amazon also fell 0.6%, foreign media sources previously stated that Amazon will be included in the global tax agreement, even if its profit margin is less than 10%.

[02:31]New York July oil futures closed down 0.39 US dollars, or 0.56%, to US$69.23; London Brent oil futures closed down 0.4 US dollars, or 0.56%, to 71.49 US dollars

[01:51]New York’s August gold futures closed up 0.4% to US$1,898.80.

[01:48]The Dow fell 164 points or 0.5% to 34592 points; the index fell 9 points; the Nasdaq rose 18 points to 13833 points; Apple held WWDC 2021, the stock price temporarily fell 0.6%

[01:33]The share price of American biotechnology company Biogen (US: BIIB) has soared and is now up more than 60%. Previously, the company’s drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease was approved by the US FDA.

【01:30】U.S. FDA approves Biogen Alzheimer’s disease drug for the first time in nearly 20 years

[00:23]Facebook (U.S.: FB) rose more than 2% in intraday trading after it announced the acquisition of Crayta developer Unit 2 Games.

[00:00]The Dow’s decline expanded to 127 points or 0.4% to 34629 points; the standard index fell 12 points or 0.3% to 4217 points; the Nasdaq rose 9 points to 13823 points; Apple’s stock price was weak before the WWDC conference. It is now down 0.7%, and the earlier drop of more than 0.8% is slightly narrowed; Tesla temporarily fell 1.8%, and it had fallen by up to 2.7% before

[23:05]The Dow fell 69 points, the index fell 9 points, and the Nasdaq rose 4 points.

【23:03】[China Education Stocks]Good future, New Oriental plunges more than 10%. Credit Suisse significantly lowers target prices for two stocks. It is expected that sector risks and volatility will be greater

[22:16]Retail holding group stock AMC Cinemas (US: AMC) once rose by 20% and is now up 15%. China Education stocks fell across the board, Good Future (US: TAL) fell 14%, and Gaotu (US: GOTU) fell nearly 9%.

[21:49]Chinese concept stocks generally fell, but electric vehicle stocks rose. Pinduoduo (US: PDD), Shell (US: BEKE), and iQiyi (US: IQ) fell more than 2%. Weilai (US: NIO) and Xiaopeng (US: XPEV) rose more than 1%, and Ideal (US: LI) rose nearly 4%.

[21:30]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 60 points to 34816 points. The standard index rose 1 point to 4,231 points. The Nasdaq fell 9 points to 13,805.

[20:37]Dow futures rose 68 points, while Nasdaq futures did not rise or fall. Apple (U.S.: AAPL) will hold WWDC 2021, up 0.4% to $126.34 before the market.

[19:48]Dow futures rose 55 points, Nasdaq futures fell 0.2%, and standard index futures fell less than a bit. European stocks generally rose. German stocks rose 0.1%, French stocks rose 0.3%, and British stocks rose 0.4%.

[17:04]Dow futures rose 4 points to 34746 points; standard index futures fell 5 points to 4222 points; Nasdaq futures fell 39 points or 0.3% to 13,727 points.

【12:45】U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen: It’s a good thing that interest rates rise

[12:23]Dow futures fell 17 points to 34724 points; standard index futures fell 4 points to 4223 points; Nasdaq futures fell 20 points or nearly 0.2% to 13,746 points.

【11:40】Model S Plaid delivered this week to Musk: Canceling the Plaid+ model, Plaid is good enough

[07:30]U.S. stocks rose last Friday, and the U.S. employment data was weaker than expected, alleviating market concerns about inflation and the Reserve Bank’s early closing of water. The Dow rose 179 points or 0.5% to 34756 points last Friday; the Nasdaq rose 199 points or 1.5 %, reported 13814 points; the index rose 37 points or 0.9%, reported 4229 points.

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