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The non-agricultural new jobs in the United States in November were only 210,000, which was far short of market expectations of 550,000. US St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank President James Bullard said that he still supports the Fed to raise interest rates twice next year.
The three major US stock indexes opened higher and lowered lower. The Nasdaq, led by technology stocks, plunged 2%. Tesla fell 7%, Adobe fell more than 8.6%, and Microsoft fell 2.7%.

Brad said on Friday that if there is a problem with the inflation situation, the Fed may need to speed up its action, and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) may hope to speed up the action to reduce the purchase of debt (Taper) at an upcoming meeting.
He said that if the Reserve Bank completes the reduction of debt purchases in the first quarter of next year, it will provide the authorities with policy options, and hopes that the Fed meeting will soon have news of interest rate hikes.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a warning about increasing inflationary pressures, warning that the Omicron variant virus has caused new uncertainties. Fed officials should pay more attention to inflation risks.

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Market trend:

[0:36]The Dow fell 105 points, the Nasdaq fell 2%, and the index fell 0.9%.

[23:25]U.S. stocks opened higher and lowered. The Dow fell 60 points, the Nasdaq fell 1.4%, and the index fell 0.6%.

[22:33]Didi fell more than 4%, Futu, iQiyi, and Pinduoduo fell about 7%.

[22:30]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 116 points, the Nasdaq rose more than 0.2%, and the standard index rose 20 points or 0.4%.

[21:37]Dow futures rose 70 points, and Nasdaq futures rose 0.3%.

【21:30】[US economic data]US non-agricultural new jobs in November of 210,000 are far below expectations; unemployment rate drops to 4.2%

[18:10]Dow futures rose 6 points, and Nasdaq futures fell more than 0.2%.

[12:42]Dow futures rose 8 points to 34647 points; standard index futures fell 3 points to 4573 points; Nasdaq futures fell 29 points or 0.2% to 15,961 points.

【12:17】[TSLA]Musk sells another 930,000 shares of Tesla for approximately US$1 billion to exercise share options on the same day

【11:29】[US Government]The US Senate passed a short-term government funding bill to be handed over to Biden for signature to avoid government shutdown on Friday

【10:28】[Didi Delisting]Didi: plans to delist from the New York Stock Exchange and go to Hong Kong for listing, or submit a listing application in March next year

【08:21】[NVDA]The US Federal Trade Commission files a lawsuit to block Nvidia’s acquisition of Arm

【07:02】[China Concept Stocks Storm]US SEC officially implements the “Foreign Company Accountability Act” Chinese concept stocks are worried about being delisted

==Following December 2 (Thursday) Stock Market ==

US President Biden said that the federal government is not expected to shut down on Friday (3rd). Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell (Mitch McConnell) said that there will be no lockout. The news is positive for US stocks, and the Dow once rebounded by more than 700 points in the end. Boeing (US: BA) rebounded 7.54% on Thursday, driving the trend of the Dow. According to reports, its 737MAX regained its airworthiness permit in China. As of 5 am today, the Dow rose 617 points to close at 34639 points; the standard index rose 64 points to close at 4577 points; the Nasdaq rose 127 points to close at 15,381 points.

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See the closing of US stocks:

The Democratic and Republican parties of the United States reached an agreement on a short-term appropriation bill. The bill will ensure that federal government departments have funds to operate until mid-February next year, avoiding the crisis of forced partial suspension from midnight on Friday.

On the other hand, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) requires Chinese companies listed in the U.S. to disclose whether they are companies controlled or owned by the state and provide audit certification information to make the disclosures of Chinese companies consistent with other U.S. companies.

Investors are assessing the impact of Omicron on the United States. The White House plans to tighten travel restrictions. International oil prices fell nearly 5% yesterday and then rebounded. New York oil futures rose 1.98% to $66.87; London Brent oil rebounded. 1.73%, quoted at 70.06 US dollars. OPEC+ agreed to maintain a daily increase of 400,000 barrels of oil in January next year.

New York gold futures closed down US$21.6, or 1.2%, to US$1762.7, the lowest level since October 12.

Apple (U.S.: AAPL) fell more than 4% in the early stage and closed down to 0.6%. Bloomberg News quoted news as saying that Apple notified mobile phone parts suppliers that demand for iPhone 13 has weakened. Shipments can pick up, but Apple notified that these potential orders may not be realized.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that preparing to abandon inflation is “temporary” and that stimulus measures have contributed to inflation to a certain extent, but the epidemic is also one of the reasons, and labor shortages have begun to put upward pressure on wages. Omicron may aggravate the bottleneck of the supply chain and cause demand to weaken, slowing down global economic growth.

The number of people claiming unemployment benefits for the first time in the United States rose to 222,000 last week, but it was better than the 240,000 expected. As of the previous week, the number of continuous applicants was 1.956 million, a decrease of 107,000, which was lower than the expected 2.003 million, and it was the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic in early March last year that it fell below the 2 million mark. .

[AAPL]Apple is reported to have weakened demand for supplier iPhone 13

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Market trend:

【02:19】Grab Holdings’ intraday decline in US stocks expanded to more than 20%, refreshing the market’s low of $8.75.

[02:11]Many Chinese concept stocks have fallen sharply, with Weilai (US: NIO), Xiaopeng (US: XPEV), Ideal Motors (US: LI) and Bilibili (US: BILI) all falling by more than 5 %, Pinduoduo (US: PDD) fell 4.9%, Futu Holdings (US: FUTU) fell 4.8%, and NetEase (US: NTES) fell nearly 3%.

[01:59]Morgan Stanley shares rose 4.6%, the largest increase in 10 months

【01:38】Epidemiological data in South Africa show: Compared with previous strains, OmicronMutated strains triple the risk of re-infection.

【01:26】Market news: Funding for the US government until February 18th, the bill to avoid government shutdown has passed a procedural vote and has now been submitted to the House of Representatives

[01:11]The Dow rose by 635 points or more than 1.8%; the Nasdaq rose by 122 points or 0.8%; the benchmark index rose by 51 points or 1.1%; among the Dow component stocks, Boeing rose 5.3%, American Express rose 4.7%, and Visa It rose more than 4.5%, Salesforce.com rose about 3.4%, Travelers Companies Inc. rose about 3%, and Apple’s decline narrowed to 1.3%.

[00:21]U.S. airline stocks continued to strengthen, Delta Air Lines (U.S.: DAL) rose nearly 8%, JetBlue Airways (U.S.: JBLU) rose 6.7%, Hawaiian Airlines (US: HA) rose 6.65%, Southwest Airlines ( US: LUV) rose 6.11%, United Airlines (US: UAL) and American Airlines Group (US: AAL) rose by about 5%.

[00:21]U.S. cruise stocks ranked among the top gainers. Carnival Cruise Line (US: CCL) rose 5.3%, Royal Caribbean Cruises (US: RCL) rose 3.7%, and Norwegian Cruise Line (US: NCLH) rose 3.4%.

[00:08]The Dow rose to more than 500 points, temporarily up 506 points or 1.5%; the Nasdaq rose 0.3%; the standard index rose 27 points; the Dow component Boeing once rose 4.3%, but the rate of increase temporarily narrowed to 2.8 %, the official website of the Airworthiness Certification Center of the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the “China Civil Aviation 737MAX Airworthiness Directive”, which means that Boeing 737MAX has no airworthiness regulatory obstacles for the return of the Boeing 737MAX in China.

[23:29]The Dow rose 455 points, the Nasdaq rose 0.2%, and the index rose more than 0.9%.

[22:30]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 151 points, the Nasdaq fell more than 0.1%, and the standard index rose 6 points or more than 0.1%.

[17:54]Dow futures rose 304 points, and Nasdaq futures rose 0.4%.

[17:53]European stocks fell, German stocks fell nearly 0.9%, French stocks fell nearly 0.8%, and British stocks fell nearly 0.6%.

【17:52】[SPAC]Southeast Asian ride-hailing giant Grab surged over 30% before listing on Nasdaq on Thursday, expected to hit the largest SPAC listing

[12:29]Dow futures rose 222 points to 34244 points; standard index futures rose 24 points to 4537 points; Nasdaq futures rose 70 points or 0.4%.

【11:51】[US stock focus]Meta’s Facebook requests to permanently dismiss the US FTC antitrust lawsuit and denounce the other party for no factual support

【11:15】[Chip Wars]Qualcomm releases new game chip platform Snapdragon G3x and partners with Razer to push portable game consoles

【10:58】[AAPL]Apple is reported to have weakened demand for supplier iPhone 13

==Following December 1 (Wednesday) Stock Market ==

The first case of Omicron in the United States was discovered, and the Reserve Bureau’s Beige Book acknowledgment of strong inflation and shocked US stocks. The Dow rebounded from 520 points in the early stage to 476 points at the end of the day. The indexes all closed at the lowest level in the whole day. Market worries about the impact of Omicron and the Reserve Bureau’s intensified efforts to curb inflation, the Dow closed at 34,022 points, a sharp drop of 461 points or 1.34%; the standard index closed at 4,513 points, down 53 points or 1.18%; the Nasdaq closed at 15,254 points, down 283 points or 1.83% .

See the closing of US stocks:

Tesla (Tesla) shares fell 4.4%. Apple hit a new market high and closed down 0.3%. Software company Salesforce’s quarterly performance guidance fell short of expectations, with its share price inserting 11.3%.

Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that the travel ban imposed by the United States on southern Africa due to the variant virus Omicron is a temporary measure. Due to the emergence of new variant viruses, one should not be taken lightly. It is necessary to exchange time for preparation. It is still too early to judge the infectivity, pathogenicity and drug resistance of variant viruses. He also once again urged people to get vaccinated.

Airline cruise stocks were rushed:

Shares Closing report (USD) Luffing
Boeing 188.19 -4.9%
United Airlines 39.06 -7.6%
American airlines 16.28 -8.0%
Delta Airlines 33.53 -7.4%
Southwest Airlines 42.55 -4.3%
Alaska Airlines 46.29 -4.7%
Norwegian Cruise Line 17.79 -8.7%
Carnival Cruise 16.38 -7.0%
Caribbean Cruise 64.27 -8.1%

On the other hand, the US employment data for “small non-agricultural” last month beat expectations. Although the market is worried that rising inflation will slow economic growth into the winter, the number of jobs in US companies continued to increase strongly in November, which supports Fed Chairman Powell to a certain extent. (Jerome Powell) said Tuesday that water collection is expected to accelerate.

According to the latest Beige Book issued by the Reserve Bureau, economic activity in most regions has grown moderately, and prices have risen at a moderate to strong rate; due to strong demand for raw materials, logistics challenges and tight labor markets, input costs have generally risen.

The U.S. 10-year bond yield fell 2.5 basis points to 1.426% at the end; the U.S. dollar index rose 0.1% to 96.1. The prospects for global recovery have caused worries, and oil prices have fallen. New York oil futures closed at US$65.57, down 0.92%; Brent oil futures closed at US$68.87 per barrel, down 0.52%.

Powell told the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on Wednesday (1st) that the risk of rising inflation in the United States has clearly risen, and monetary policy will be adjusted accordingly; the reduction of debt purchase plans will not necessarily have a destructive effect on the market. He emphasized that monetary policy must be prepared for all possible consequences. .

Powell: Inflation risks continue to evolve with Fed policy

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Market trend:

[02:32]The Dow’s gains narrowed to 176 points or 0.5%. Previously, the market had risen by as much as 520 points to as high as 35,04 points; the Nasdaq rose by 64 points or 0.4%, which was significantly narrower than the previous market’s rise of 279 points; The index rose 36 points or 0.8%

[01:52]The Dow rose by 306 points or 0.9%; the Nasdaq rose by 157 points or more than 1%; the standard index rose by 64 points or 1.4%

【01:47】Apple (US: AAPL) rose more than 3%, and its stock price exceeded $170, which was a market high of $170.3, a record high.

[01:16]Zoom (US: ZM) fell more than 5% after Microsoft (US: MSFT) released a cheap standalone version of Teams.

[01:13]Standard Chartered Bank: OPEC+ may suspend its January production increase plan, and market sentiment focuses on the impact of Omicron’s new variant virus on demand.

[01:08]Meta Platforms (U.S.: FB): Expand the authority to operate related cryptocurrency advertisements.

[00:36]U.S. stocks’ anti-epidemic concept stocks fell short-term, Moderna (US: MRNA) fell more than 10%, Novavax Pharmaceuticals (US: NVAX) fell 7.42%, and BioNTech SE (US: BNTX) fell more than 5% , Inovio Pharmaceuticals (US: INO) fell 3.38%.

[00:26]The Dow rose by more than 500 points, the Nasdaq and the benchmark index both rose by more than 1.7%. The employment data of ADP, known as “small non-farmers,” was better than expected. The Dow rose by 506 points or more than 1.4% to 34,990 Points; the Nasdaq rose 272 points to 15,809 points; the index rose 80 points.

[23:21]Apple rose 1.4% to US$167.67, and its market value rose to US$2.75 trillion.

[22:30]US stocks opened, the Dow rose 307 points, the Nasdaq rose more than 1.3%, and the standard index rose 55 points or 1.2%. Apple broke the top, and Salesforce (US: CRM) fell more than 4% after its performance.

[18:19]Concerns about Omicron eased slightly. European stocks rebounded by more than 1%, German stocks rose 1.5%, French stocks rose 1.3%, and British stocks rose 1.4%. US stock futures rebounded. Dow futures rose 295 points and Nasdaq futures rose nearly 1.4%.

[12: 34]Dow futures rose 148 points to 34632 points; standard index futures rose 38 points to 4605 points; Nasdaq futures rose 211 points or 1.3% to 16,347 points.

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【12: 24】[TSLA]Tesla’s Shanghai plant is reported to be able to reach an annual production target of 500,000 vehicles this year

【11: 34】[US Inflation]Crocodile King Dario: Even if Omicron virus causes volatility, cash is not a safe investment

【11: 25】[Omicron virus]Global spread, countries take strict precautions, the United States reportedly tightened travel regulations on Thursday

【11: 25】[TSLA]Tesla pushes the whistle Cyberwhistle Musk: Don’t waste money on “Apple cloth”

【10: 39】[US Stock Focus]Salesforce’s third-quarter revenue increased by 27%, but fell by about 6% after lowering this quarter’s earnings test

【07: 30】[Anti-Monopoly]British regulators require Meta to sell Giphy, meaning that it constitutes a monopoly

==The following November 30 (Tuesday) stock market ==

Fed Chairman Powell said that he might consider completing the debt reduction plan a few months ahead of schedule. The risk of further rise in inflation increases. It is time to abandon the statement that inflation is only “temporary.” The market’s expectations for interest rate hikes heated up, and the Dow’s decline expanded to 711 points at most.

See the closing of US stocks:

Market worries over the effectiveness of vaccines and tightening monetary policy have once again boosted risk aversion. The Dow closed down 652 points to 34483 points; the index fell 88 points to 4567 points; the Nasdaq fell 1.55% to close at 15537 points; European stocks Repeatedly, pan-Stoxx 600 closed down 0.9%, and travel and leisure stocks fell 2.8%.

White House Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci said that the new Omicron variant virus strain has spread to 20 countries around the world. The vaccine manufacturer Moderna (US: MRNA) expects that the effectiveness of existing vaccines against the variant virus Omicron will decrease, triggering market concerns. Modena shares fell 4.4% and BioNTech fell 3%.

New York oil futures fell sharply by 7.9% at one time, and closed down 5.4% to 66.18 US dollars. Brent oil futures fell 3.9% to close at $70.57.

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Market trend:

[02: 25]New York oil futures plummeted 7.4%, temporarily reported to 64.78 US dollars, refreshing the low since August 23. The Dow fell by 608 points or 1.7%. The market had fallen by up to 679 points or 1.9% to a low of 34,456 points before; the Nasdaq fell 279 points or 1.8% to 15,503 points; the benchmark index fell 82 points or more than 1.7%

[02: 15]According to market sources, Amazon (US: AMZN) and Goldman Sachs (US: GS) have launched Goldman Sachs Financial Data Cloud.

[02: 12]Zients, the White House Covid-19 consultant, said that there is no timetable for lifting the travel ban on Africa.

[01: 45]David Marcus, creator of the embarrassed Diem project on Meta Platform (formerly Facebook) of Meta Universe, plans to leave at the end of 2021 and Kasriel will be responsible for the digital payment project Novi.

【01: 20】BioNTech CEO said that existing vaccines can preventOmicronInfected cases developed into severe illness.

【01: 15】US new energy vehicle stocks continued to fall, Lordstown Motors (US: RIDE) fell more than 7%, Faraday Future (US: FFIE) fell 5.88%, Lucid Group (US: LCID), Workhorse (US: WKHS) fell 5.6%, Wei Lai Auto (US: NIO) fell 5%, Rivian (US: RIVN) fell 4.3%, Mavericks Electric (US: NIU) fell 3.98%, and General Motors (US: GM) fell 3.7%.

【01: 09】The Nasdaq fell more than 2%, and the Philadelphia Stock Exchange KBW Bank Index fell more than 2.8%. Powell admitted that U.S. inflation may not be “temporary” and said that it is possible to discuss the early termination of Taper (QE). Wells Fargo has fallen by more than 3.4%. American Express fell more than 3.3%, Morgan Stanley fell more than 3.2%, and Citigroup, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs fell at least about 2.1%.

[01: 00]The decline in US stocks intensified, the Dow fell 632 points or 1.8% to 34,503 points; the Nasdaq fell 288 points or 1.8% to 15,493 points; the benchmark index fell 80 points or 1.7%

[00: 51]The US 30-year Treasury bond yield fell to 1.775%, the lowest since January.

[00: 46]Oil futures in New York expanded to more than 5.3%, refreshing the lowest point since August 24 to 66.15 US dollars. Brent oil futures maintained a drop of more than 4.0%, tentatively at US$70.17. US stocks had hit a record low since August 24 at US$69.65 before the market.

[00: 45]Large technology stocks continued to fall, Twitter (US: TWTR) fell more than 5%, Nvidia (US: NVDA) fell 4.25%, MasterCard (US: MA), Salesforce (US: CRM) fell about 3.5% , Meta Platforms (US: FB) fell 3.2%, Paypal (US: PYPL) fell 3%, Intel (US: INTC), Cisco (US: CSCO), TSMC (US: TSM) fell 2.3%.

[23: 57]After the Nasdaq turned up for a while, it fell by more than 1%; the Dow fell by more than 400 points

[22:30]US stocks opened, the Dow fell 229 points, the Nasdaq fell 0.4%, and the benchmark index fell 30 points or 0.7%.

[20:50]Dow futures fell 360 points, and Nasdaq futures fell nearly 0.5%. European stocks’ declines narrowed, with German stocks down 1.1%, French stocks down 1%, and British stocks down 0.7%.

[19:01]Dow futures fell 430 points, standard index futures fell 47 points or 1%, and Nasdaq futures fell 0.5%. The decline in Europe has continued. German stocks fell 1.5%, French stocks fell 1.3%, and British stocks fell more than 1.2%.

[16:41]The decline of US stock futures expanded. Dow futures fell 523 points to 35278 points; standard index futures fell 51 points to 4603 points; Nasdaq futures fell 80 points or 0.5% to 16318 points.

【16:14】[Employee benefits]Goldman Sachs launched new employee benefits to retain talent, including extended family care leave and bereavement leave

[14:35]Stephane Bancel, CEO of the American pharmaceutical company Moderna, said in an interview with foreign news agencies that the new crown vaccine is unlikely to be as effective on the new variant virus Omicron as it is on the Delta variant. US stock futures fell sharply, with Dow futures falling more than 400 points or 1.2%, standard index futures falling 1.1%, and Nasdaq futures falling 0.6%.

[Variants]CEO of Modena: It is expected that the effectiveness of the existing new crown vaccine against the Omicron strain will drop sharply, and the development of a new vaccine will still take several months

[Mutated virus]How scary are there for the South African variant virus?

[12:45]Dow futures rose 31 points to 35167 points; standard index futures rose 1 point to 4656 points; Nasdaq futures fell 1 point or 0.01% to 16,398 points.

【11:22】[IKEA Home Furnishing]IKEA’s largest franchisee increases its annual operating profit by 30%, the epidemic drives demand for household products to a new high

【10:31】[US Economy]Yellen urges Congress to raise the US debt ceiling and pass Biden’s $1.7 trillion spending bill

【08:47】[Variant virus]Pfizer CEO expects the existing vaccine to have a certain protective effect on Omicron, and the protective effect will be obtained after a few weeks

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==Following November 29th (Monday) Stock Market ==

The market waits and sees the actual power of the new variant virus Omicron. The United States has not planned to close the city and will formulate a response strategy on Thursday. Investment sentiment stabilized slightly, US stocks rebounded, oil prices once rose 7%, and the Dow rose by as much as 388 points. The risk aversion of funds cooled, the US 10-year bond yield rose to 1.52%; the Dow closed up 236 points to 35,135 points, the Nasdaq rose 291 points or 1.88% to 15,782 points; the standard index rose 60 points to 4655 points. In terms of oil prices, New York oil futures rose 7% to a high of US$72.93; the market closed up 2.64% to US$69.95. Brent oil futures rose 0.99% to $73.44. The oil group and allies (OPEC+) will discuss how to deal with the impact of Omicron at this week’s meeting.

See the closing of US stocks:

BioNTech and Modena (Moderna) announced plans to develop Omicron vaccine, stimulating stock prices to rise 4% and 11%.

After meeting with White House Chief Medical Adviser Anthony Fauci, US President Biden said that the new variant virus Omicron deserves attention, but the public need not panic. Full vaccination and booster injection are the best protection. For the time being, it is not necessary to take a lockdown. Or additional measures to shut down, if necessary, will cooperate with pharmaceutical factories, and encourage people to wear masks indoors.

The market waited and watched the impact of Omicron on epidemic prevention and the economy. The US exchange rate was strong and gold prices retreated. New York gold futures closed down 2.9 dollars on Monday, at 1,785.2 dollars.

The latest WHO warning is that the variant virus omicron poses a very high risk to global mechanisms and seems to be spreading.

US Secretary of Commerce Raymondo said at the semiconductor chip roundtable that it is too early to judge whether the Omicron variant virus will have any impact on the global supply chain.

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hot news

[One week ahead]Non-agricultural data, the Beige Book of economic conditions, etc. hit Omicron’s heavy data impact or weakening

Market trend:

[02:16]The Dow rose by 345 points or nearly 1%; the Nasdaq rose by 323 points or 2.1%; the benchmark index rose by 75 points or 1.6%. US President Biden said that he did not plan to take additional measures to close the city. Washington on Thursday Strategies for dealing with Omicron variant strains will be developed.

[01:46]The Dow once again expanded to 1%, and Salesforce (US: CRM) rose more than 4%, leading the rise of constituent stocks.

【00:53】Twitter (US: TWTR) turned down, rose more than 8% at the beginning of the market, and is now down 1.3%.

【00:53】The semiconductor sector in the US stocks rose. GlobalFoundries (US: GFS) rose 6.87%, Microchip Technology (US: MCHP) rose 4.5%, Nanomicro Semiconductors (US: NVTS) rose 4.34%, NVIDIA (US: NVDA), Qualcomm (US: NVDA) : QCOM) rose more than 4%, NXP Semiconductors (US: NXPI) rose 3.79%, and Broadcom (US: AVGO) rose 3.38%.

[00:50]The Dow rose 163 points or 0.5% to 35062 points; the Nasdaq rose 253 points or 1.6% to 15,744 points; the standard rose 50 points or more than 1%

[00:41]The New Zealand dollar fell 0.5% against the US dollar to its lowest level in a year, at 0.679

[00:28]The first case of Omicron variant infection was detected in Sweden and Spain.

【23:50】[US stock focus]Twitter appoints technical director as its new CEO

[23:39]The Dow temporarily rises by 69 points

[22:30]US stocks opened. The Dow opened 388 points higher to 35287 points, the Nasdaq rose 1.5% to 15722 points, and the standard index rose 58 points to 4653 points.

Foreign news quoted news that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is expected to leave, Twitter opened up more than 10%, reported 52.27 US dollars.

[18:12]Dow futures rebounded 149 points, Nasdaq futures rose 1%, and standard index futures rose 32 points. U.S. bond yields rebounded 3% to 1.53%.

[12:45]New York oil futures rebounded 5% to US$71.57, and Brent oil futures rebounded 4.2% to US$75.79.

[12:35]Dow futures rose 256 points to 35,155 points; standard index futures rose 47 points to 4641 points; Nasdaq futures rose 220 points or 1.4% to 16,245 points.

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【11:55】[LV]Virgil Abloh, creative director of LVMH menswear, died of cancer at 41 years old

【10:50】【Variants】Moderna: A new variant virus vaccine against Omicron may be launched early next year

【09:45】[TSLA]Tesla Musk has changed his previous urging style and reportedly asked employees to reduce delivery costs

【07:30】[Mutated virus]Omicron is coming violently, and many pharmaceutical companies have indicated that they will move quickly and have a vaccine early next year as soon as possible

[07:30]A new variant of the virus B.1.1.529 appeared in South Africa, named Omicron by the WHO. The new epidemic caused panic in the global market, and the global stock market plummeted during “Black Friday”; At 34,749 points, the market closed at 34899 points, down 905 points or 2.53%; the standard index closed at 4594 points, down 106 points or 2.27%; the Nasdaq closed at 15,491 points, down 353 points or 2.23%. New York oil futures fell by 13%, and the VIX index, commonly known as the “panic index,” surged 54% to 28.62.U.S. stock market conditions last week. For details, please see:【Next page】

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