US submarine claimed to be ready to sink Russian warship …


WASHINGTON Submarine United States of America (USA), USS John Warner, is reportedly preparing to sink warship Russia if responding to air strikes on Syria in April 2018, reports the Fox News news agency.

According to Fox News, the USS John Warner launched six Tomahawk missiles from the Mediterranean Sea into Syria. The attack marked the combat debut of the Virginia-class submarine.

“The USS John Warner jumps in and prepares to sink any Russian warship if they take action against US Navy ships in the area including those acting as decoys and not launching missiles at Syria,” he was quoted as saying. Fox News, Sunday (28/2/2021).

The report is part of an article that Fox News ran comparing President Joe Biden’s airstrikes with his predecessor Donald Trump. The attack launched by the US on Biden’s orders last Thursday targeted facilities used by Iranian-backed militias in eastern Syria.

In what was said to be a warning to Iran, US F-15 fighters did not use Tomahawk missiles because they were deemed unnecessary. US fighter jets dropped seven 500-pound GPS-guided bombs targeting pro-Iran militias in areas not ruled by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces since the civil war began. That’s one reason American troops have been able to be stationed there near the Iraqi border in recent years to fight relatively undisturbed ISIS.

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Meanwhile, in the April 2017 attack, Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles from two US warships to destroy an air base used by the Syrian military.

Trump then again approved a second Tomahawk missile strike in April 2018, to destroy what Washington claims is the Syrian government’s chemical weapons laboratory.

“This week’s attacks in eastern Syria were the same area Trump approved the US military to launch an air strike in December 2019 when an American contractor was killed in a rocket attack in Iraq a few days earlier. US Air Force F-15 fighters were also used in the attack. destroying Iranian-backed fighters in eastern Syria and western Iraq, “Fox News reported.

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