US ticker: +++ 04:58 Is Trump still breaking a tradition? +++

+++ 04:58 Is Trump still breaking a tradition? +++

Will Donald Trump leave a personal letter to his successor in the White House? Since Ronald Reagan’s resignation in 1989, it has been customary for presidents to write mostly warmhearted letters to their successors – even if they are politically cross. With Trump, however, it would be more of a surprise if he continued this tradition. CNN reports, citing advisors, that Trump has not yet written a letter.

+++ 04:23 The Pence couple escorts Harris and husband +++
After being sworn in as Vice President, Kamala Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff will accompany the married couple Mike and Karen Pence to the motorcade. This is what the protocol wants and so it is tradition. Four years ago, it was the Pences who escorted then Vice President Biden and his wife Jill. As is well known, the Bidens have to forego old presidential accompaniment because Trump and his family will not be sworn in.

+++ 03:18 Lady Gaga prays in the Capitol +++
When the US President is sworn in, the national anthem will of course be heard. Beyonce sang “Star Spangled Banner” for Barack Obama, and for Donald it was the little-known talent show Jackie Evancho. At the inauguration of Joe Biden, Lady Gaga takes over the role, one of his most prominent campaign aides. The evening before, the singer reported with a message from the Capitol: “I pray that tomorrow is a day of peace for all Americans. A day for love, not hate,” wrote the 34-year-old on a photo of herself, dressed in white. in the rotunda of the Capitol. “Love, from the Capitol,” noted the star.

+++ 02:24 riots coordinated: right-wing extremist activist charged with conspiracy +++
The US judiciary has charged a senior member of the right-wing extremist militia Oath Keepers with conspiracy. The 65-year-old from Virginia is accused of coordinating a group of rioters during the storming of the Capitol. According to the investigation, the defendant meticulously planned his project. He found his accomplices to stay in a hotel in Washington. Among other things, he wrote to the group: “I strongly recommend that you take a room or two for a night or two.” And further: “This is a good location and will allow us to go hunting at night if we want . ” Although the storm on the congress building looked like a spontaneous riot, according to the Justice Department photos, videos and analyzes of communication between the rioters point to prepared and planned riots.

+++ 01:27 Biden and Harris remember the corona dead +++

Biden and Harris attended the ceremony with their spouses.

(Photo: AP)

The evening before their swearing-in ceremony, future US President Joe Biden and future Vice President Kamala Harris held a memorial ceremony to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of corona deaths in the country. “In order to heal, we have to remember,” said Biden on at the brief ceremony in the US capital, Washington. It is important to heal as a nation. Harris said that Americans mourned alone for many months. That evening the nation mourned together. The reflection pool at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington was illuminated for the ceremony, which the two of them attended with their spouses. There were also light installations on public buildings in other US cities in memory of the victims of the pandemic in the USA.

+++ 00:35 pence stays away from Trump’s farewell ceremony +++
Vice President Mike Pence will not be attending President Trump’s farewell ceremony. The Vice President’s program published by the White House for Wednesday only allows Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence to attend the inauguration ceremony for Trump’s successor Joe Biden at the Washington Capitol. It starts at 11.30 a.m. local time (5.30 p.m. CET). In terms of time, it should be feasible for Pence to accommodate Trump’s farewell. The ceremony will take place at 8 a.m. at Andrews Military Airport near Washington. It was heard from Pence’s environment that participation in both events would have been logistically difficult. The “Washington Post” pointed out, however, that a helicopter could cover the approximately 21 kilometers long distance from the White House to the military airport in ten minutes.

+++ 23:25 Trump praises his government balance sheet in a farewell speech +++
With a almost 20-minute speech Donald Trump says goodbye to the Americans. He also mentions the future government of his successor – but without even mentioning the name Biden: “This week we are introducing a new government into office and praying for its success so that America remains safe and prosperous.” In the pre-recorded video message from the White House, he defends his government record and claims various successes in domestic, economic and foreign policy: “We have restored American strength at home – and American leadership abroad.” Unmistakable in terms of content and rhetoric, he continues: “Together with millions of hard-working patriots across the country, we have built the greatest political movement in the history of this country,” said Trump. “We have also built the greatest economy in the history of the world.”

+++ 22:24 Twelve national guards withdrew from inauguration +++
The National Guard withdrew twelve of their soldiers from the inauguration ceremony for the upcoming US President Biden. As CNN reports, “questionable behavior” is the reason two cases involve text messages. A Pentagon spokesman said it was not always a case of extremism. After the Capitol Tower two weeks ago, there was suspicion that the rioters had allies in the ranks of state authorities. The National Guard plans to deploy 25,000 men and women tomorrow.

+++ 21:59 Excerpts from Trump’s farewell speech published +++
When he leaves the White House, Trump will be at least partially conciliatory – at least pre-published excerpts suggest that. Accordingly, he wants to call to pray for the success of the new administration of future President Joe Biden. Trump also wants to point out the successes his administration has achieved in his estimation. According to the excerpts, Trump wants to condemn the attack on the Capitol that his supporters carried out just under two weeks ago. Accordingly, he also wants to say, “Now that I am preparing to hand over power to a new government on Wednesday lunchtime, I want you to know that the movement we have started is only just beginning.” Biden will be sworn in on Wednesday afternoon. Trump has announced that he will be staying away from the ceremony.

Correction: The excerpts are from a video message from Trump, not from any speech tomorrow

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