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US-UK-Australia Security Framework, “Decisive Initiatives” for China-Mr. Campbell-Bloomberg

Kurt Campbell, Indo-Pacific Coordinator at the National Security Council (NSC), said on the 1st that “AUKUS”, which is a framework for security cooperation between the United States, Britain and Australia, is “decisive” for China’s actions. It is equivalent to “a initiative”.

Campbell spoke at an event hosted by the Lowey Institute, a Sydney-based international policy think tank, only as a result of China’s provocative actions against neighboring countries and regions and the country’s “economic war” in Australia. He pointed out that the alliance, which was expected to be estranged seven to eight years ago, has become closer.

Kurt Campbell

Photographer: Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images

Regarding AUKUS, he said, “It is a clear concern about what is observed over China’s specific actions and policies, and at the same time, we are determined to play a role in our future and stand up.” We are very proud of the results and consider it a decisive effort for all the countries involved. “

AUKUS, which also supports Australia’s deployment of nuclear submarines, will strengthen defense cooperation among major regional allies in areas including cyber and artificial intelligence (AI) as China expands its military presence in the Indo-Pacific. ..

Campbell also said that the United States is in the “early stage of competition with China” and that it is important for the United States and its allies to be stable and determined in how they approach the “strategic environment.”

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Biden’s Asia Czar Says Aukus Is ‘Defining Effort’ Against China(excerpt)


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