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In the United States it is normal that when people attend a restaurant they should leave a tip to the waiters who served them. However, this dynamic is unknown to some foreigners and sometimes causes embarrassing moments. On the TikTok social network A waitress went viral when she made a video in which she expressed her frustration that some diners only gave her a tip of just over $2.

This is Grace Mastronardi, identified in TikTok with the user @vibewithgracierose, who began by saying that she was surprised to see the money that a group of Germans had left her. Quickly, He approached them and asked if something had been wrong with the service, to which they replied that “everything was fine.”but despite that he only received 2 dollars.

This fact caused great frustration to the waitress, who decided to talk to the manager hoping that she could help her. However, she told him that it was better for her to talk to them and explain to them what the dynamics of tips are like.

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The young woman approached the clients again and explained that in the United States, a tip of between 15 and 20 percent of consumption is usually left. According to the young woman, at that moment the foreigners began to speak German among themselves and finally told her “in our country you don’t leave a tip, so we won’t give it to you.”

Grace confessed that at that moment she felt like crying, but she didn’t and she preferred not to talk about it anymore. At the end of the video, she joked and commented: “Please don’t come to my restaurant anymore, and if you do, I won’t serve you.”

The video currently has over six million views and has sparked a debate in the comments. Some of the netizens argued that foreigners should adapt to the country’s culture and leave good tips.

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But other users of the social network commented that the problem was not the clients, but the industry itself.

“Tipping in the US is crazy. Just pay everyone a decent wage”, “tipping culture has gotten out of control in the United States”, “the fact that you have been tricked into thinking it is the customers job to pay your wages is insane ”, are some of the most prominent messages.

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