USA: 4 states will hold referendum on legalizing marijuana

Four US states will hold referendums on whether to legalize marijuana on the same day as the national elections, and if the measure is approved in all of them, the acceptance of the enjoyment of cannabis would be evident regardless of geographic region, demographic sector and political militancy.

New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota and Montana will hold popular consultations on Election Day, November 3. But at the same time, the results of the presidency and the houses of Congress will determine whether marijuana becomes legal at the federal level.

Currently most Americans live in states where marijuana is legal in one form or another and 11 of them have already fully legalized it for adults: Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine and Vermont. Plus, it’s legal Washington, DC

In Mississippi, a conservative state, residents will decide whether to allow marijuana for medical purposes, something that is already allowed in 33 states.

Nick Kovacevich, CEO of KushCo Holdings, which supplies products and equipment for marijuana use, called the referendums “monumental” in the history of legalization.

He said that in particular New Jersey, in the northeastern United States, a region with a high population density, will be key as nearby states such as New York and Pennsylvania could follow suit.

“What could happen is a domino effect that opens the trend in the most densely populated part of the United States except for the west coast,” Kovacevich said.

The fact that this referendum is taking place could draw voters to the polls that could influence other elections, such as Arizona’s close race for a Senate seat.

In Colorado, a supporter of legalization could lose his seat. This is the Republican Senator Cory Gardner, who is in trouble in a state with a strong Democratic tendency and where many businessmen in the sector no longer believe that he can defend their interests in Washington.

Despite the increase in legalizations and the tolerant attitude under the presidency of Donald Trump, the Senate under Republican dominance has refused to pass any reform regarding marijuana, with which the drug remains illegal at the federal level, as If it was heroin or LSD.

This has discouraged banks from doing business with companies linked to marijuana that were also excluded from the economic assistance package due to the coronavirus.


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