USA: Donald Trump’s administration wants to charge protesters with “riot”

Propagated for months Donald Trump the “Law and Order” message. Among other things, he has the participants of Black-Lives-Matter– Focus on demonstrations. A few weeks before the presidential election brings US attorney general William Barr now apparently tough legal action against alleged rioters comes into play.

According to media reports, he suggests prosecuting violent participants in anti-racism protests on charges of seditious activities against the government.

Das “Wall Street Journal”, die “New York Times” and TV broadcaster CNN reported Wednesday that Barr made a recommendation to this effect in a telephone meeting with federal prosecutors last week. Charges of “sedition”, that is, attempts to overthrow the government, are extremely rare in the United States. Such charges face long prison terms.

The last such indictment was ten years ago

The last time US prosecutors sought a “riot” conviction was ten years ago. The allegations at the time were directed against an armed militant group in the state of Michigan. However, due to insufficient evidence, the indictment failed in 2012.

President Trump has one Demanding severe punishment of violent participants in anti-racism protests. Both Trump and Barr blame left-wing extremist “anarchists” for the protests that have been going on for months. He also tries his rival, the Democrats Joe Bidento move closer to anarchists – so far with moderate success. Trump is currently behind his challenger in polls nationwide, but also in most of the swing states that make the election.

Most of the time, the states decide – but not always

The nationwide demonstrations were through the Death of the African American George Floyd It was sparked at the end of May during a brutal police operation in Minneapolis and has since been fueled by further cases of police violence against blacks. The protests are mostly peaceful, but violent clashes have occurred repeatedly.

The prosecution of violent demonstrators is largely the responsibility of the judicial authorities of the individual US states. However, according to the Washington Department of Justice, around 300 people were also arrested by US federal authorities in connection with the anti-racism protests, primarily for alleged attacks on federal government buildings and federal officials.

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