USA extend stop of work visas – Merz calls for schools to open as soon as possible

French President Emmanuel Macron has in its traditional New Years Address Hope for a stronger exit from the corona crisis in the new year. The year 2020 was difficult and reminded of the weaknesses, but we will come out of the crisis more united and learned a lot, he said in a televised address on Thursday evening.

Macron was certain that future challenges such as ecological change and the fight against inequalities would be met. Anything is possible, he said, as the nation was capable of so much innovation, ingenuity and generosity in these troubled times. “Starting today, let’s prepare this spring 2021, which will be the beginning of a new French morning, a European renaissance,” said Macron.

In the address, Macron also commemorated the around 64,000 corona deaths in the country with its approximately 67 million inhabitants and thanked everyone who worked in the areas of care, education and security. “This historical test has also shown the solidarity of our nation,” said Macron. In response to criticism recently voiced of the relatively slow start of the French vaccination campaign, Macron replied that he would not allow an unjustified slowness to set in for the wrong reasons.

With a view to Brexit, which will finally take effect at the turn of the year, Macron said: “The United Kingdom will remain our neighbor, but also our friend and ally.” He also emphasized that France’s fate lies first in Europe.


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