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The new life of Donald Trump (74) as ex-president begins with new controversies – but also with powerful signals for an attempted political comeback!

Trump has lived in his luxury resort Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach (Florida, USA) since he left Washington: There are complaints from neighbors, a possible debate in the local council as to whether he actually already lives illegally there – but also local ones Supporters and officials who see the place as “ground zero” for a return to politics.

A visit by Kevin McCarthy (56), party leader in the House of Representatives, shows that Trump’s influence on the Republicans is unbroken: Congressmen want to involve the former president.

And above all do not offend!

► “This is still Trump’s party”, says the chairman of the Republicans of the West Palm Beach district, Michael Barnett, to BILD: “The enthusiasm for Trump here is unbroken – and many firmly believe that he will run again in 2024 and creates a second term! “

Until then, Barnett said, there will be a series of “test elections,” including two Senate races in Florida in 2022, where the ex-president’s remaining political power would become visible. Trump had recently announced that he would establish an office in Palm Beach for the party, but Barnett doesn’t know exactly where that will be set up either.

Legal war for Trump’s residence

In the limelight, however, Trump’s new address remains for the time being, the luxury resort Mar-a-Lago (118 rooms, 5810 square meters of living space, pool, tropical garden, worth 180 million dollars). A legal war has even broken out over his continued residence.

The reason for the new Zoff is a deal for tax protection that the then real estate mogul concluded with the city administration: The department was henceforth run as a club and not as a residence. According to the agreement, Trump is only allowed to stay there for seven consecutive days – and no longer than three weeks a year!

Is called: Since Wednesday, 11:32 a.m. local time, exactly one week after his arrival after leaving the White House, the formerly most powerful man in the world has been practically illegally in Mar-a-Lago. There is a “legal investigation” in this regard by the city’s lawyers, city manager Kirk Blouin told BILD. The city council should also discuss this on February 8th.

Photo: Katie Pfleghar

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Christine Stapleton thinks Trump’s residence is not ideal – because of the aircraft noisePhoto: Katie Pfleghar

The chief reporter of the “Palm Beach Post”, Christine Stapleton, does not consider the residence to be ideal for completely different reasons: “The approach path for the Palm Beach International Airport is exactly above the facility,” she says to BILD: “There Every ten minutes it gets so loud that you are disturbed during conversations. ”A moment later, a traffic machine roars on its approach.

Otherwise there is hardly any privacy there, as Trump, son Barron (14) and wife Melania (50) have to share the facility with the other club guests. And: Mar-a-Lago is closed in summer anyway, she adds.

In 1993, Trump got Mar-a-Lago with a trick

But Trump, who owns three other million properties in the vicinity, including an 18.5 million dollar mansion on the beach with 929 square meters of living space, is probably also attached to the place of residence for sentimental reasons: he commissioned them between 1924 and 1927 Acquired in 1985 by the millionaire heiress and “socialite” Marjorie Merriweather Post.

However, when he was on the verge of financial ruin after the bankruptcy of his casinos in 1993, he was barely able to afford the costs of maintaining the huge facility. Giving up the property wasn’t an option for Trump. To keep it up, he quickly transformed Mar-a-Logo into a club. With success.

Controversies were frequent: once there was trouble about a helicopter landing pad, then again because of a flagpole that was too high according to the authorities and a planned jetty. Annoyed neighbors went to court:

► The extremely wealthy Nancy DeMoss (82), whose $ 34 million villa is directly adjacent to the Trump department, complained that the microwave safety systems caused her to suffer “brain damage”, according to her lawyer in a letter to the town hall.

► Another controversial neighbor is Glenn Zeitz: There is no “legal basis” according to which Trump can use the department as his new main residence, he thinks.

But reporter Stapleton says that, strictly speaking, there is no precise passage in the earlier contract that would forbid Trump to stay.

“The city is divided”

Trump officially resigned from his hometown of New York to Florida in 2018. Shortly afterwards, renovation work began in his private residence, which was headed by ex-first lady Melania: Trump, however, raved about the decor and instructed to remove the white marble and dark wood paneling.

<img class="photo ondemand zoomable" src=",w=1280,c=0.bild.jpg" width="1280" alt="Kathie M. ist besorgt über die politische Spaltung Amerikas, sagt aber auch: „Jeder kann leben, wo er will!“" data-zoom-title="Kathie M. ist besorgt über die politische Spaltung Amerikas, sagt aber auch: „Jeder kann leben, wo er will!“

Photo: Katie Pfleghar

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Kathie M. is concerned about the political division in America, but also says: “Everyone can live where they want!”Photo: Katie Pfleghar

Local residents have different opinions about the ex-president, who is now permanently living here: “It’s a little annoying when everything is cordoned off when he leaves the facility – but we love him,” says Vanessa B .: “The city is divided, sometimes you try to avoid related conversations! ”

Kathie M., on the other hand, is particularly concerned about the “political division” in America: “It’s very sad, everything has been politicized, it will take a long time for it to calm down!” She blames the ex- President. But she also wants to take it calmly: “This is America, everyone can live where they want!”


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