USA: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris make their first tweet under POTUS and VP

After the scandal linked to the irruption of supporters of former President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill and the permanent deletion of the account of the latter accused of having incited them to act in this way, the official Twitter accounts of the American president and the vice -President have been updated and entrusted to their teams.

As is the tradition since the creation of the social network with the little blue bird, the official accounts of the president, the first lady as well as the vice-president were erased, their data stored in other servers, and reset to zero for be entrusted to the new team at the White House.

A Twitter spokesperson said Wednesday that “the @PresElectBiden account has become @POTUS (acronym for President of the United States) and the @SenKamalaHarris account has become @VP,” said a spokesperson for the platform.

Just minutes after taking the oath in front of the United States, the vice president quickly used her account to tweet, “Ready to serve. “.

In addition, a bespoke account has been created for the husband of the new vice-president, Douglas Emhoff, who was baptized @SecondGentleman.

For her part, Jill Biden, the wife of the new president, took over the @FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) account which had been maintained until now by Melania Trump.

President Biden’s first tweet: “There is no time to waste in tackling the crises we face. That’s why today I’m heading to the Oval Office to get to work delivering bold action and immediate relief to American families, ”he said, though the latter is not a great twittos like Donald Trump for example.

The reset POTUS account no longer had any subscribers, but after being reactivated it already had 2.4 million followers, a number that will continue to grow as he continues to be president.

Nonetheless, it seems unlikely that Joe Biden would succeed in raising as many followers as his predecessor Donald Trump, who had 88 million followers on his personal profile or more than the total population of Germany or the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Donald Trump’s Twitter account was, however, permanently deleted by the social network after his supporters burst into Capitol Hill. The former White House tenant tried to use the POTUS account to continue communicating with his followers but his messages were removed by the social network.

“Using another account to avoid the suspension is against our rules,” a Twitter spokesperson explained.

But this decision to ban the president was strongly criticized in the world and even by the creator of the social network Jack Dorsey who found that this measure established a “precedent” which seems “dangerous”, namely “the power that a individual or business has on a part of the global public conversation ”.

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