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Intruder arrested in Pelosi’s Capitol office

After the storm on the Capitol, a man proudly had himself photographed in the chair of the chairwoman of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi: Now the alleged perpetrator has been arrested. He is accused of breaking into a specially secured building, trespassing, vandalism and theft, as a senior representative of the Justice Department, Ken Kohl, announced on Friday. Richard B. was arrested in Little Rock, Arkansas. A photo on Wednesday showed a man sitting in Pelosi’s chair with one foot on the table.

The ministry is also presenting 14 other charges under federal law, Kohl said. One of the suspects is accused of having had eleven incendiary devices and weapons in his car parked nearby. The Molotov cocktails were particularly dangerous because they were mixed with a kind of foam, which resulted in a napalm-like incendiary bomb, Kohl said.

“I was pushed into there,” the man had told the Arkansas broadcaster KFSM 5News in defense. “I was looking for the toilet.” However, he did have the right to be in Pelosi’s office. This was finally paid for from tax revenues. “This is my desk. I am a taxpayer, ”he said. Before he left the office, he said he took an envelope with him.

The FBI’s assistant chief in Washington, Steven D’Antuono, said the investigation would continue “around the clock” with hundreds of employees. “The riot and destruction we saw on Wednesday will not be tolerated by the FBI,” he said.

Police have announced dozens of arrests following the storming of the Capitol by supporters of incumbent President Donald Trump. Investigators now checked clues, photos and material from social media to identify other suspects. The FBI has already published its first wanted posters.


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