Users forget healthy distance in RTP lines in CDMX Metro lines affected by fire

At 10:00 in the morning of this Sunday on the outskirts of Metro Tacubaya of Line 9, users forgot the healthy distance in order to move to other stations by means of Police vans and trucks from the Passenger Transport Network (RTP).

The foregoing due to the fire that was registered yesterday in transformers of the Metro Collective Transport System (STC) facilities in the Centro neighborhood, and which left lines 1 to 6 suspended until further notice.

On a tour made by THE UNIVERSAL It was observed that the crowd came to form to go to the Pantitlán, Merced, Chapultepec, and Observatory stations on Line 1, however the healthy distance and other health measures due to the coronavirus were forgotten when boarding the transports.

“I have been more than 20 minutes and only the vans go to the Observatorio station, I am going to Merced, I have to wait for the RTP, but few are arriving, I would have already reached my destination by Metro. Tomorrow (Monday) the impact will be greater, ”said Loreto Carapia, a Metro user.

Meanwhile, Isabel, an employee, said that she traveled more than two hours from Santa Martha Acatitla to the Tacubaya station on Line 9, and that this Monday they will have to leave with greater anticipation since it is a risk due to the pandemic and to be getting into the trucks for her two children in her arms.

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“They say we have to stay at home, but we eat. Since yesterday I found out about this situation, and I go to the observatory and I still have 20 minutes to do. Right now I’m waiting for a truck and I’ve been waiting for 10 minutes. I need to go out to feed my children, “he said.

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