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Multiple users of banking platforms have reported falls throughout Thursday, December 1. One of them is Davivienda who, apparently, a system failure was causing restrictions to access the bank, both through the web portal and through the application.

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Along with this, failures were reported to when withdrawing money from ATMs. Specifically those of Davivienda. The problem was happening for credit and debit cards.

In response to the complaints, the entity issued a statement in which it clarified that there were indeed failures, but that a “team of experts from the technology area is working to
resolve difficulties and continue to provide the best service”.

The problem with the applications would have been fixed.

He also clarified that for customers who require cash, and at their ATM network is enabled and its offices. Payment services in shops and by card are also in operation.

“This situation has not put the security of our clients’ resources at risk. The origin of this situation is not due to any type of attack nor has the
infrastructure of the bank”, points out Davivienda.

Likewise, some services of Nequi and Bancolombia are down. In the first case, the company has responded to customers that these days They could not be 100%.

We understand that nothing is more important than being able to manage your money freely, that’s why we are working 24/7 to fix the app’s bugs and give you the Nequi you deserve.“, writes Nequi through Twitter.

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They also explained some of the reasons for their intermittencies: “We are aware that our operation and availability are essential for people to be able to move money in their daily lives and take care of their daily needs. We have identified which module is in fault and With expert teams in Colombia, the United States, and Brazil, we are executing an action plan to resolve the situation as soon as possible, taking into account that it is a complex process that requires stabilization,” they explained.

For its part, Bancolombia has had problemsto carry out transactions from your application such as transfers to bank or Nequi accounts. “Are you going to send money to Nequi? We are having problems at the moment. The Nequi team is working to be available as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience”, is the message that appears to users.

Some clients even say that failures in banking platforms have been occurring since last Saturday.

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However, at the moment, the Dijín Police Computer Crime Unit does not have a hacking report.


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