Users reported massive Internet crash Movistar in Chile: company claims that it has already been solved | Technology

Twitter users reported during the morning of this Friday that the Internet service of the Movistar company presented complications and even drops. From the company they affirmed that the problem has already been solved.

“We report that after the work of our technical teams, as of 09:20 hours we have overcome the partial and involuntary interruption of our data services,” they said from the company.

The problem, they affirmed, would have affected only the central zone of the country.

However, BioBioChile has been able to verify that the service continues intermittently in some areas, which would be related to a period of stabilization.

The reports began in the morning, when much of the country began its working day and at a time when the covid-19 pandemic has prioritized teleworking.

You can see some complaints below:


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