Using lunar soil to grow Earth’s plants – ‘a big step forward for grass’ – BBC News

May 14, 2022

image source,UF/IFAS/Handout via REUTERS

For the first time, scientists have grown terrestrial plants using soil from the moon. This is an important step towards achieving a long-term stay on the moon. The experimental results were published in the journal Communications Biology under Nature.

The success of the research team of the Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research at the University of Florida in the United States means the possibility and hope of using Earth’s plants to support the human space exploration program.

“Plants can grow in lunar soil. This simple statement is huge. It opens the door to future exploration using resources on the moon and possibly Mars,” said Anna-Lisa Paul, director of the center and professor of horticulture. -Lisa Paul) said.

The researchers announced May 12 that they planted the seeds of a small flowering weed called Arabidopsis in 12 small containers the size of thimbles containing one gram of lunar soil, and germinated two days later.

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