V. Rachlevičius left I. Vēgėlė’s team: disagreements could have led to communication errors

Working together destroys professional reputation

Former journalist V. Rachlevičius announced on Monday that he is resigning from the position of I. Vēgėlė’s press representative. delfi.lt was the first to publish it.

“I cannot represent, advise and be identified with a person whose many attitudes conflict with my personal beliefs and values.” In addition, working with him destroys my professional reputation, so I decided to withdraw”, says V. Rachlevičius in a statement.

Lukas Balandios / 15min photo / Vidas Rachlevičius

He said that he did not accept I. Vēgėlė’s invitation immediately. Until then, they did not know each other, they communicated several times remotely. He found it an interesting challenge.

But after just a couple of months, he withdraws.

Attitudes to communication differed

I. Vēgėlė’s team also commented on the news. They confirmed the news about V. Rachlevičius’ resignation.

Video frame/Igno Vēgėlė's team

Video frame/Igno Vēgėlė’s team

“We are grateful to V. Rachlevičius for deciding to come to Lithuania, even though he joined the team for a short time. However, in the course of the election campaign, differences in approach regarding the principles of communication began to emerge. What is appropriate in the United Kingdom is not necessarily appropriate in Lithuania. The difference of opinion may have led to communication errors, so we regret that we had to part ways,” the statement reads.

Recently, I. Vēgėlė received a lot of criticism when, on March 8, she brought a bouquet of flowers tied with a ribbon in the colors of the Russian flag to Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonyta.

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