Vacationers attacked and rebuked Carabineros when they detained three people in Pichilemu | National

At least four police officers and one soldier were injured after a confusing incident on the beach of Pichilemu in the O’Higgins region, after a group of people tried to avoid the arrest of three people.

The event was recorded this Sunday afternoon, when personnel from the Third Police Station of Pichilemu and the OS7 of Carabineros, carried out a preventive inspection in the place, when they detected a group of three people, who were inspected.

The procedure was applied with the help of two police dogs, which detected that the three individuals They were carrying drugs and cash was also found, the Carabineros reported.

For violating the drug law, the three subjects were detained by police personnel, but at that time they asked the other vacationers for cooperation, some of whom began to attack the Carabineros.

“At the time of their arrest they asked for help to the people on the beach, who pounced on police to avoid their arrests,” they indicated from the police institution.

The situation was captured by people who were in place, for which various videos were disseminated on social networks, about the aggressions of the vacationers to the police officers.

After the help of Army personnel, the three individuals were finally arrested and the prosecutor on duty was informed, who ordered this Monday they will go to detention control.


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