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On December 29, the vaccination against Covid-19 began. From that day on, people who work in Health received the first dose of Sputnik V, the Russian vaccine. Now, almost 20 days after that start, which marked the renewal of hope in the fight against this virus, some vaccinated shared their experience. They all assured that although they feel more protected, they do not lower their guard because they want to continue working and seek to protect the people they serve.

Vaccination in San Juan began for Health personnel who work on the front line against the coronavirus. That is, nurses and therapists from the Covid-19 Area and for swabs. This because few doses arrived. Then the second line was started. In this context, those who have already received the first dose said they felt “blessed”, “proud” and “grateful” to have been the beneficiaries for being in constant contact with the virus. “When they told me to get the vaccine, I decided to put on the shirt and receive these doses. We are the ones on the front line and we want to continue working as we have been doing, but with the difference that we are more protected,” said Soledad Aguado, who is technique in clinical analysis, but has been doing swabs in different parts of the province for months. Like her, other people who received the first dose said that being able to continue swabbing without getting sick and consequently leaving the community with fewer health personnel, is what leads them to continue with extreme care.

“I have been doing swabs for 7 months and although it was difficult for me to make the decision to get vaccinated, I decided to do it to take fewer risks. Anyway, not under guard and I work with the same care that I did before being vaccinated,” she explained for her part Paula Asinari, who is a dentist and is part of the team of swabs at the Aldo Cantoni stadium.

In addition to feeling protected, those vaccinated said that the majority had some symptoms such as low-grade fever and body aches during the first days, but that these manifestations (similar to those produced by most vaccines) lasted at most for one day. “Before getting vaccinated, I spoke a lot with professionals who know more about the subject to advise me and I knew that I could have some reactions in the body. The day after the vaccination my body felt tired, like when a fever begins to rise, but no more than that. The next day I was as if nothing and I went back to work with more enthusiasm and with the same care as always, “said Fernanda Sáenz, another of the health workers who received her first dose, adding that she and her immunized colleagues did not relax because it is also assumed that they are just creating the antibodies and are still missing the second dose. And while most of those interviewed said it had some effects, there were others who passed the vaccination as if nothing had happened. This is the case of Laura Soto, who is also a hyssop and was the fourth sanjuanine to receive Sputnik V. “When I was vaccinated I did not feel anything and to this day I have the feeling that I did not even get vaccinated. I discussed the decision a lot with me. husband who is a doctor and we think that between being exposed to the virus and having the vaccine, the best is the last option, so I advise that people get vaccinated as soon as possible and that they continue to take care of themselves. it immunizes, it does not eliminate the possibility of someone vaccinated getting infected, but it does allow for fewer complications or for the virus to go unnoticed “, concluded the professional.


In San Juan, the application of the vaccine is carried out in the Aldo Cantoni Stadium, by termination of DNI, from 8 to 15 hours. The requirements are to be between 18 and 59 years old, have no symptoms, present the DNI and the certification of functions related to the Covid area, which must be signed by the Head of Service.


4.500 vaccines (of the first dose) have already arrived in San Juan. These, in two batches of 2,250 each. These doses are expected to be finished around January 22.

Side effects

According to a study carried out in the country, the adverse effects resulting from the application of the vaccine are not serious: only 25 patients (of about 300,000) were hospitalized after having manifested symptoms, and all recovered. Fever, headache or muscle pain were the most common symptoms.

Per bottle

5 The dose is what each bottle of Sputnik V contains. It is kept at a very low temperature and takes about 18 minutes to thaw, so it is vaccinated in groups of 5 people.


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