Vaccinated covid: what now?

TRIBUNE – More and more vaccinated, 50 to 60% of adults in France, this should logically slow down any epidemic development. Unfortunately it seems that this is not the case, perhaps even the opposite. Without vaccines, last summer was more peaceful, with four months of vacation (from May to the end of August), less than a month this year. Are there no longer seasons ! Same trend across Europe.

In the panoply of treatments, France has chosen only one, the vaccine, imposing it exclusively. This is what most countries also do, under pressure powerful lobbies. We have the European Medicines Agency (EMA), 85% funded by those to whom it issues marketing authorizations (!! This is why ivermectin has no chance, not being able to finance the EMA because it has fallen into the public domain, no laboratory will apply for an MA …), with the biggest ones in mind. vaccine-producing labs, and the WHO, whose first financier is Bill Gates ($ 194 million in 2019), his foundation investing heavily in vaccines. On BioNTech alone, it multiplied his stake by 10. (Don’t make me say that everything he does is wrong, on the contrary, but here he is “serious” wrong and he is cheating on others).

Bill Gates said : “Celebrating success is good, but it is more important to learn from failure”. I would add a fortiori when success is not there. This beautiful scenario of success, vaccines = end of the pandemic, is unfortunately seized up. It was announced, planned by the caregivers, not by our “specialist-decision-makers”. The virus mutates, it is in its nature, and variants, not sensitive to a vaccination with too narrow a target, appear more and more frequently. I had already written a few weeks ago, a good third of the vaccinated can be contaminated, more with the variant delta, even the delta more, and tomorrow lambda and epsilon, already out. The authorities who affirmed, like the labs, 95% of protection now recognize it without problem: the vaccine does not prevent you from catching the disease, nor from contaminating. The latest official speeches speak of a lower efficiency with a 65% coverage. For the vaccinated as for the non-vaccinated, we must therefore keep the mask and all protective measures, be confined or even quarantined, revaccinated if contact, and if you want to travel, for example, a test is more valuable. than a vaccination certificate.

After this observation and these lamentations, being admitted that the vaccinated people catch and will catch more and more the new variants, let us be constructive and positive: these vaccinated people who catch the covid, what do we do with them? We promised them healing, they followed the instructions, what do we give them now that they are sick? A third dose? A fourth? It’s planned, it’s ordered, but will they follow again? They believed they would be protected the first time, what will they do the second, the third? What have our authorities planned in the face of this growing problem? Will they finally look elsewhere, open up other therapeutic avenues?

Today the response of our authorities is still on the same line, with blinders, without looking for other ways: faced with the epidemic, let’s increase the pace of vaccinations. If one could except the problems of side effects, vaccines bring something, one cannot deny it. But quite logically, faced with this drastic drop in the supposed efficacy of vaccine immunity with these variants which are increasingly insensitive to vaccines, can we keep the same line without taking it into account? We are told that at least it protects serious forms. On this subject, that is not what all the studies say.

Some studies say there are more severe forms, others say there are fewer. We lack a little perspective and especially reliable statistics (that we do not do at home, or that we do not give) to be able to affirm one or the other without being mistaken. In the Landes nursing home, they were all vaccinated, (almost) all contaminated, and there were deaths. A priori, there would be neither more nor less serious forms, which the English seem to show. On the other hand, what is undeniable is that there are generally fewer serious forms with the delta variant, and this as well in the vaccinated as in the non-vaccinated (who remain the majority). In France, 50% of positive cases are due to the delta variant, and yet hospitalizations, sheaves and deaths continue to decline. The delta variant therefore appears to be more contagious, but less nasty. Under these conditions, does it make sense to vaccinate for a mildly aggressive virus, with a vaccine that works little, exposing you to side effects that are not the least, not to mention long-term ones that are not yet known?

Under these conditions, to obtain the famous collective immunity, would it not be better all to catch the covid of the delta variant, which is not very serious, rather than to be vaccinated! Eh yes ! This is what shows this study that the journal Nature has just published on July 8. This study compares the sensitivity of the delta variant to drug monoclonal antibodies, natural antibodies from infected and convalescent people, and antibodies from vaccinated people. I quote: “The sera from people who received a dose of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines barely inhibited the Delta variant. The Bamlanivimab monoclonal antibody is completely ineffective. As for the serum of people infected and cured of covid (up to 12 months after the disease), it is 4 times less effective on the delta than on the alpha. Antibodies against the delta variant are better than against the alpha variant. It is certainly better with two doses, but is it between the two doses that the variants explode, confirming an old forgotten rule: we do not vaccinate in the midst of an epidemic?

This delta variant will quickly infect the entire population, it is to date the least toxic variant, and the immunity acquired by the disease is much greater than that acquired by vaccination, the latter not being able to lead to sufficient immunity to be collective. And then with a little Doxycycline and Ivermectin, you won’t even feel it go away, probably less than the seasonal flu.

With hindsight, for the result of any vaccine, we can now look at what is happening in countries that have vaccinated faster and stronger than us. The first example is England, in the process of undergoing, despite vaccination, a wave already greater than their second in October-November, yet without vaccine! Back then there were 25,000 cases a day, today England is at 32,000 cases a day on July 8, 35,200 yesterday, and it continues to climb. Who can objectively speak of a positive vaccination result? On severe forms, yes, but is it not the delta variant which is the main cause of this result? If there are fewer hospitalizations and deaths, it is 2/3 of patients who are not vaccinated who should fill the hospitals, which is not the case! (still a few days to be more affirmative).

I regularly observe the Seychelles, a small country, quite isolated and therefore relatively protected during periods of confinement and reduced transport. I am, because it is the country that has vaccinated the most in the world and quickly, which gives perspective. 70% of the population received two doses, enough to be comfortably in the so-called collective immunity zone. It is nothing: this country has been quiet all year 2020, its problems began in early January 2021 with the first vaccines (as almost always, with rare exceptions). Here is where they stand:

You will tell me that 375 cases are not many. In fact no: compared to the population (100,000 inhabitants), the wave in Seychelles is much higher than what is happening in France, it is a very big wave. It is as if we had 50 or 60,000 cases per day, despite 70% vaccinated two doses!

Patrice Gibertie seems to find the same in Malta, that he thinks more vaccinated than the Seychelles (my sources give 1% less than the Seychelles). Their wave is however recent, one week, versus one month in England and 3 months in Seychelles. Same scenario to come?

So what will these countries offer their people, now that the vaccines option has been used? A third dose under pressure from the laboratories? Errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum

? I know what I would do, but it is true that I am not under any pressure. I hope I am wrong about the effectiveness of the vaccines, I hope I am not wrong about the aggressiveness of the delta variant, but the facts and figures are there, stubborn, they advance and I only look at them. Facts, just facts.

“To err is human, to persevere is diabolical” falsely attributed to Seneca. One might prefer Saint Augustine in his sermons: “Humanum fuit errare, diabolicum est per animositatem in errore manere”: “To err is human, but to persist in error out of arrogance is diabolical”.

NB I point out to the global antivax that there are other places to express oneself. To oppose covid vaccines or pseudo vaccines because of their flaws, which can be serious, is one thing; opposing vaccination in general is another, which takes away from current issues, which I do not want in this blog. Article originally published on

Dr Maudrux’s blog

and resumed with his kind permission.

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