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Isabel Díaz Ayuso yesterday inaugurated the vaccination center installed in the futuristic Wanda Metropolitano while health workers complained of difficulties with which they faced the first day of injections in the 262 health centers in the region. “There is no organizational problem,” said the president with the Atlético lawn as a backdrop, while the unions criticized that inadequate syringes, outdated patient lists and contradictory orders had arrived at Primary Care to start injecting people older than 80 years and teachers under 55.

On video, statements by Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid.MARTA FERNÁNDEZ JARA (EUROPA PRESS) / VIDEO: EUROPA PRESS

The Wanda Metropolitano and the 262 health centers in Madrid are in the same region, but yesterday they seemed to belong to two different planets. Díaz Ayuso visited the Atlético stadium, where it aims to vaccinate between 350 and 400 people every hour, and described an avant-garde and groundbreaking operation. From large car parks to open spaces, the president detailed one by one the benefits of one of the facilities on which she wants to focus the macrovacunación from Madrid when there are enough doses. In contrast, health center professionals were left without an official visit, and spent the entire day juggling to accommodate their daily activity and workspaces to the avalanche of patients. The union’s complaint was unanimous.

“It is a scandal that having vaccines the problem is the type of syringes, lack of space, and personnel,” lamented Víctor Jiménez, vice president of the Madrid Nursing Association (AME), who recalled that the service has not been reinforced afternoon, from which the reinforcement personnel have also been detained to vaccinate the teachers. “As always, the imagination and effort of the nurses have made everything turn out much better than expected.”

To fill the vials of the vaccine, initially destined for five doses, and achieve a sixth, health workers have to use a specific syringe and needle. Although the Ministry of Health denied yesterday that these were not being distributed – “they have,” a spokesman said – dozens of health centers had to use the ones they already had in their facilities, because the ones that arrived together with the vaccines were from another kind. The situation surprised professionals, since the Government has spent more than 600,000 euros in the last 15 days to get millions of the appropriate syringes and needles.

“This has been all very hasty, there has been improvisation, and the consequence is disaster and a chaotic situation,” described Marisa Fernández, a primary care nurse in Vallecas and a CCOO representative. “The patient lists are a mess, because they include deceased people, so we have refined them to the maximum,” he continued. “There have been some centers that have not reached the 1-millimeter syringes to be able to get the six doses.”

“There have been logical problems of organization, forecasting, syringes, lists, the problems of citizens, which are much greater,” added Julián Ordoñez, from UGT.

“The organization of this campaign is being disastrous,” concluded the SATSE union in a statement. “It seems impossible that it could be done worse and that the disorganization and lack of planning is so evident. It seems like a boycott of Primary Care ”.

None of those complaints should have reached the ears of the regional president while she intervened at the Wanda Metropolitano with the lectern for great occasions and the majestic Atlético de Madrid lawn as a backdrop.

While those over 80 years old were summoned to begin their vaccination during the afternoon in health centers, like teachers under 55 years old, the leader of the PP preferred to visit the stadium in the morning, where yesterday she began to inject policemen, firefighters and civil protection personnel.

That agenda of commitments summarized where the priorities of the regional government are. The Community wants to create a network of macrovaccination between the Wanda, the Isabel Zendal hospital, the WiZink Zender and the Palacio de Vistalegre. For now, however, only the first two are operational, in which the Administration operates at no cost – the council did not clarify yesterday whether it will be necessary to pay for the other two. And in the stadium only 16 people could be punctured yesterday at a time, in eight double positions.

“We scrupulously comply with the criteria of the Ministry,” defended Díaz Ayuso. “We want to show that Madrid does not have any logistical problems, much less organization. Proof of this is that vaccination has been scheduled at different points in record time ”.

The effective management described by Díaz Ayuso did not only contrast with that described by health workers. At the end of the day, the Ministry of Health published the daily report in which it includes the progress of vaccination in each region. According to these data, the Community of Madrid has only administered 64.8% of the vaccines received, for a total of 392,366, with 171,359 fully immunized people.

In all of Spain, only the Basque Country has provided a lower percentage of vaccines (61.7%).

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