Vaccination against Corona? A stir from the ministry tweet about Günther Jauch

The Ministry of Health writes that Günther Jauch had himself vaccinated. And thus advertises the vaccination campaign. The problem: The TV presenter cannot even be vaccinated because of his previous Covid illness.

TV-Star Günther Jauch is one of the faces of the federal government’s corona vaccination campaign – now a tweet from the Ministry of Health caused a stir in the network for a short time.

The Minister’s department tweeted on Sunday Jens Spahn a photo of Jauch from the campaign and wrote that the moderator had been vaccinated. But: Jauch was on in the spring Covid-19 fell ill and therefore could not even get vaccinated – he had made this public at the time, several of his TV shows had to be canceled.

Ministry admits mistakes

Numerous users promptly criticized the statement, and the Federal Ministry of Health corrected itself. “Unfortunately we made a mistake, Günther Jauch” wants to “get vaccinated”, was the answer to the originally incorrect article.

Jauch had already made it clear at the start of the campaign that he had not yet been vaccinated and had only posed with a plaster for the photos. “I’ll only be vaccinated when it’s my turn. I don’t know when it will be,” he emphasized. Then in April he got infected with the Coronavirus. Those who have recovered should wait six months before they can be vaccinated.


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