Vaccination against Covid-19 and health pass for pregnant women: recommendations from gynecologists


  • France is experiencing its fourth wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed on Wednesday July 21.
  • Since Wednesday, the health pass is compulsory to go to places of cultural leisure activities of more than 50 people (cinemas, amusement park, museums …).
  • It must be extended to restaurants, cafes, hospitals … from the beginning of August.

As a preamble, concerning pregnancy, and CNGOF and the GRIG reiterate once again the value of generalized vaccination and support compulsory vaccination for caregivers.

They also stress that the health pass does not only include vaccination, but also recent biological tests. “Thus, a patient with a recent negative test has the same rights as a vaccinated patient”, they remind. The CNGOF and the GRIG also take stock of several key situations.

1 °) Compulsory vaccination for certain professions: what to do during the first trimester of pregnancy?

This situation exposes women to the risk of being punished if they do not get vaccinated and may force them to announce their pregnancy very early to their employer. “Vaccination against COVID-19 is possible throughout pregnancy, including the first trimester”, say health professionals. They add : “However, we consider that it is not possible to force patients to be vaccinated in the first trimester. Indeed, the risk of spontaneous miscarriage at this term is high and it should not be a causal relationship effect is inappropriately established between the completion of the vaccination and the spontaneous miscarriage “.

The recourse to frequent PCR or antigenic tests, on prescription so that the patients benefit from a care, constitutes, according to them, a good alternative to the vaccination.

2 °) How to manage the pregnancy follow-up?

“It is essential that the care of pregnancies can continue under the conditions usually required”, insist the CNGOF and the GRIG. The health pass does not apply to patients. “All can therefore consult, urgently or not, without checking the health pass”, they remind.

3 °) What about the co-parent and relatives of the pregnant woman?

“The co-parent is not a simple visitor but is an actor of care”, remind health professionals. Here’s what they recommend for spouses:

– during childbirth and post partum, the co-parent without health pass must also be able to be present, even if he must absolutely be encouraged to respect the rules of distancing and hygiene.

– He should also be encouraged to be vaccinated or to perform a PCR test as the term approaches.

– During follow-up consultations or ultrasounds, the co-parent with a health pass can be accepted: either he is vaccinated or he has anticipated the consultation by performing a biological test.

– All other visitors must be up to date with their health pass and visits must always be limited according to local organizations.

“In a period of very high tension in the maternity hospitals due to a significant lack of medical and paramedical personnel, the control of health passes cannot rest on the maternity hospital personnel”, conclude the two groups.

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