Vaccination against monkeypox will be tested in pharmacies

Lea Suzuki / AP FILE – Jonathan Parducho, a pharmacist, removes a tray of vials of of the Jynneos vaccine for monkeypox from a box containing 20 doses, in the vaccine hub at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, July 29, 2022, in San Francisco. The U.S. will declare a public health emergency to bolster the federal response to the outbreak of monkeypox that already has infected more than 6,600 Americans. That’s according to two people familiar with the matter said. (Lea Suzuki/San Francisco Chronicle via AP)

Lea Suzuki / AP

Four pharmacies will test the vaccination in their pharmacies, in Paris, Lille, Fréjus and Marseille.

MONKEYPOX – New attempt to facilitate vaccination against monkeypox or “monkeypox”. According The Pharmacist’s Daily et Releasewho contacted the unions of the profession, several pharmacies will test the vaccination in their pharmacies from Wednesday 10 August.

“A priori, four pharmacies will be able to participate in this experiment. Two in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, one in Marseille and one in Fréjus, in the Var. Two other pharmacies, in Paris and Lille, may also be included but we are still awaiting confirmation,” indicated to Pharmacist’s daily Philippe Besset, President of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions of France (FSPF).

“The Minister of Health should announce it this evening (Monday), the text will be published in the Official Journal tomorrow morning (Tuesday), and the vaccination will start on Wednesday”, he explains to Release. Finally, the Ministry of Health indicated that two pharmacies in the Ile-de-France would be part of the experiment.

18 500 people vaccinated out of 250,000 eligible

Currently in France, only people at risk, i.e. “men who have sex with men and multi-partner trans people, professionals working in places of sexual consumption, people in a situation of prostitution”can be vaccinated details Service public. This represents around 250,000 people, of whom 20,322 have already received their dose, according to AFP.

However, vaccination is slipping. The slots are taken by storm, the town hall of Paris points to a lack of arms, so that the state authorizes health students and retired doctors and nurses to vaccinate, and there is a lack of vaccines. However, the Minister of Health François Braun wanted to be reassuring : the government is “able to increase vaccinations as needed”. According to Public Health France, 53,232 doses of vaccine have been delivered as of August 4.

Involving pharmacists could help speed things up. However, professionals are concerned about logistics. “I am waiting to see how we are going to bring these vaccines to pharmacies, which must be stored at -80 degrees”points out Philippe Besset.

A vaccination center in Paris recalls the vaccinated

“Deliverers specializing in the cold chain have been mobilized by the Regional Health Agencies for delivery. But this logistics is only possible on a small scale. If we have to expand, we will have to do otherwise, ” he explains. The president of FSPF believes that wholesalers will have to equip themselves with freezers to maintain the cold chain.

And precisely, because of a break in this cold chain at the beginning of August at the Edison vaccination center, in the 13th arrondissement of Parisbecause of a faulty fridge. “This does not pose any health risk for the people concerned, but a new first injection is necessary to be effectively protected against the virus”writes the town hall of Paris on its site.

The center had to be temporarily closed and should reopen this Tuesday, August 9. People who received a dose on August 2, 3 and 4 will have to be vaccinated again. They were notified by telephone and “have priority over all open slots”said the town hall to AFP.

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