Vaccination campaign: the situation could improve quickly, believes Legault

Vaccination of seniors and residential staff, which will begin next week, could quickly improve the pandemic situation, said Prime Minister François Legault.

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“If you look at the deaths, for example, there is a lot going on there, currently: around 70% of the deaths which are in the CHSLDs then the RPAs. So, that means that, if, tomorrow morning, all the people in the CHSLDs and then the RPAs are vaccinated, well, that means that we have just eliminated 70% of deaths, ”commented Mr. Legault in point of press Wednesday.

Quebec has already confirmed that it will be able to vaccinate between 55,000 and 57,000 people by January 4. The vaccination strategy will first focus on seniors in CHSLDs and their nursing staff, then people living in private seniors’ residences (RPA).

But the Legault government also expects 1.3 million doses by March 31, making it possible to immunize around 650,000 people. “So, technically, if we get a third of the doses we’re supposed to receive in the first three months, well, if we get a third in January, that means that by the end of January, the situation will be fine. a lot, a lot, a lot to improve in Quebec ”, illustrated François Legault.

He is counting on his telephone meeting tomorrow with Federal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to learn more about the vaccine delivery schedule. “If Mr. Trudeau can confirm a few hundred thousand doses for us by the end of January, we’re going to be in business, we’re going to be driving. Then me, I’ll sleep better, ”said Prime Minister Legault.

More details will follow.


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