Vaccination center ready to vaccinate residents of Blankenberge and Zuienkerke –

“Do some more trifles and we are ready to go.” The Blankenberg vaccination center seems ready to receive around 20,000 residents of Blankenberge and Zuienkerke. Both mayors already came to take a look during the dress rehearsal on Friday.

Both mayors went through all steps within the vaccination center. © JRO

Both mayors went through all steps within the vaccination center. © JRO

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On Friday morning, the Blankenbergse Casino formed the backdrop for a dress rehearsal with about 20 volunteers, mainly city staff. Those volunteers went through the entire process from entering the vaccination center to waiting in the waiting room after the vaccination. During the dry run, various common and medical problems were staged. “These are problems that can happen during the vaccination,” says Anne Pirlet in charge of the center. “This can range from fainting while taking the injection to simply someone who has forgotten their identity card. The aim is to map out all the problems and to be able to offer a solution immediately if they arise during the vaccination round. ”Five minutes per vaccinationFrom March, about 18,000 residents of Blankenberge, older than 16 years, and more will receive another 2,000 inhabitants of Zuienkerke a syringe to protect them against the corona virus. “As things are now, we would need three minutes per vaccination,” Pirlet continues. “But we are going to extend that time to five minutes, especially in the initial phase. This gives us the space to make adjustments where necessary. ” Although those adjustments seem to be minor after the test. “Volunteers and nurses need a little better briefing, but otherwise everything went smoothly.” Daphné Dumery (N-VA), mayor of Blankenberge and Alain De Vlieghe (List Mayor), mayor of Zuienkerke, were allowed to take a look at so-called dry run in the Blankenbergs Casino. According to the Mayor of Blankenberg, the Casino has everything to organize a smooth vaccination round. Fifty parking spaces “The only disadvantage seemed to be parking in the neighborhood, but that has now been resolved,” says the mayor. “We created around 50 parking spaces in total and a kiss & ride zone in front of the door, where people who come to get their injection can be dropped off and picked up again.” “We would like to ask the residents of Blankenbergen to walk or to go to the vaccination center by public transport. The tram stops a few streets from the vaccination center. ”VACCINATION CENTER 💉 • Behind the scenes we have been working hard in recent weeks to convert the casino building into … Posted by City of Blankenberge on Friday 12 February 2021 The vaccination center, with entrance near the Meridiaan exhibition space consists of a reception where people are received by invitation and where their data is checked. They are then assigned a color to take them to the appropriate vaccination line on the first floor, where they are met by two nurses who take them through a medical questionnaire. They are then given the syringe, and then take a seat in the waiting room for 15 minutes as a final step. After those 15 minutes, the vaccinees are allowed to return home. People with a disability “We have also worked hard on people with a disability. For example, we have done various tests with wheelchairs and electric scooters and it shows that nobody had any problems getting to the top. A lift has been provided for this. ”“ We also did a test with visually impaired people. We suggested to those people to take the elevator, but they chose to take the stairs themselves. But no problems were encountered there either. Non-native speakers can also easily find their way within the vaccination center, ”said Pirlet. Both mayors seem satisfied and say they are ready to have their residents vaccinated. “Nothing was left to chance,” says Dumery. Twenty volunteers “We hope to be able to start with 100 doses on 20 February and to vaccinate the people who man the vaccination center. Two weeks in advance the invitation is sent to the people who will be vaccinated and then we receive confirmation of the number of vaccines that will be delivered before that date. “How many people we will be able to vaccinate in which time frame will all depend on the delivery. But of course we hope to vaccinate everyone as soon as possible. We have a full call center available across the street to provide people with information if they request it. ”In total, some 20 volunteers will be deployed to staff the vaccination center in addition to the permanent staff.

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