Vaccination centers open on February 9th – Hessen threatens a curfew

IIn the fight against the corona pandemic in Hesse, all 28 vaccination centers are said to be open from February 9th. Six regional centers started their work on Tuesday – in Kassel, Gießen, Fulda, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Darmstadt. The Ministry of Social Affairs speaks of a “milestone in the fight against Corona” (see tweet). In the meantime, a good 77,000 Hessians have been vaccinated, including 3,000 second vaccinations. Meanwhile, the Robert Koch Institute reported fewer new positive corona tests for Hesse overnight, but significantly more deaths in connection with the pandemic.

The incidence, i.e. the new cases among 100,000 inhabitants recorded within a week, has fallen by more than 30 points compared to last Tuesday. However, it is still well above 100. If the deliberations of the Chancellor and the state leaders as requested by the Chancellery, the 15-kilometer rule could soon apply in all regions with an incidence of 50. 200 is still the limit.

Widely limited radius of action

If it falls to 50, a number of districts in Hesse would not only have to perform a role backwards after they have just lifted the curfews and the 15-kilometer rule. Rather, according to the current state of affairs, all people in Hesse would have to adjust to a correspondingly limited range of motion. The same applies to Rheinhessen with Mainz and the Bavarian Lower Main with Aschaffenburg. Because only Kassel is within range of the 50 mark with an incidence of 67.

The Wiesbaden Administrative Court has meanwhile decided in an urgent procedure that the general decree of the Limburg-Weilburg district, which also contains the 15-kilometer rule to contain the corona pandemic, is partly illegal. The information contained on the 15-kilometer rule is lacking “sufficient certainty,” said the court on Tuesday. However, the content must be “so complete, clear and unambiguously recognizable” for those affected that they can adjust their behavior accordingly.


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