“Vaccination, coffee, croissant”: in Lille, a bistro has been transformed into a

“Not want”, “Not thought”, ” Did not have time “ : in a popular district of Little, a bar-tobacco was transformed on Saturday, September 18 into vaccination center against the Covid-19 with the objective “To go as close as possible to the public” and try to convince the recalcitrant.

“It’s nothing in fact the vaccination… I didn’t feel anything”, launches Francine Deflandre, 85, after receiving her first dose of Pfizer. The old lady was not yet vaccinated against Covid-19 by ” fear “ from “Side reactions”. “But here, I come every day, I knew the place, the people, it was not the same. “

“Vaccination, coffee, croissant”, launches the owner of the bar, Fabienne Plouvier, to her customers in the working-class district of Fives.

“I was a little nervous, but here, we are well received”

Here, “Some residents find it difficult to get to the city center to be vaccinated, it is not in their habits. For us, that seems harmless but the feeling of the customers, in particular for the elderly, is that it is complicated ”, explains Ms. Plouvier.

At the origin of the operation, she claims to have lost 30% of her clientele since the establishment of the sanitary pass.

As in a traditional center, people wishing to receive a first, second or third dose must first talk to a caregiver before being vaccinated, and then must be monitored for at least fifteen minutes afterwards.

Patrick Leclerc, a regular at the bistro who has just received his second dose, drinks coffee on the terrace while waiting for the deadline to pass. “I was a little nervous, but here, we are well received and it is easier, I did not have to make an appointment”, rejoices the 45-year-old man.

” Did not have time “

Sacko, 25, is still not vaccinated because he has ” Did not have time “. It came ” by chance “ seeing the posters on the bistro. “I work, it’s complicated for me to make an appointment during the week, but it becomes urgent with the Health Pass, people are starting to ask me everywhere”, says the young man.

“The logistics which seem simple for some people to make an appointment, to travel, to go to a vaccine park, it is not so for some users”, explains Laurence Tisserand, referral nurse for ephemeral vaccinations, who works in the neighborhood.

“We take care of the most vulnerable groups, we know that for these people, it is difficult to access care, it is up to us health professionals to make the effort to reach them”, she adds.

“Go as close as possible to the populations”

The initiative was organized with the agreement of the Regional Health Agency “Which has been developing for several months a series of actions known as” to go towards “, to get as close as possible to the populations, where they live, to vaccinate those who would not come otherwise without this type of action”, explains Aline Queverue, departmental director of the North.

Mrs Tisserand also tries to “Remove barriers” in front of people “Who have sometimes heard false things about vaccination”. “It’s not necessarily people who are going to be vaccinated but it is also important to have this conversation with them, perhaps after reflection, they will be vaccinated in a few weeks. “

This bistro is “A little corner that I like” plus « convivial » than conventional vaccination centers, says Jean Delvinquier, 86, who came to receive his third dose with his wife, Yvette. “It’s my second home, in the evening I come to relax here, so it’s more reassuring, I know people and it’s right next to my house”he smiles, raising his glass.


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