Vaccination: here is the stock status as of August 30

From January 25 to August 30, 2021, Morocco received 37,310,000 doses of anti-Covid vaccines with an acceleration of deliveries from last May.

By type of vaccine, Morocco received:

– Astrazeneca : 7.000.000 doses.

– Sinopharm : 27.500.000 doses.

– Pfizer : 1.550.000 doses.

– Covax : 1.260.000 doses (957.600 Astrazeneca + 302.400 Janssen).

These deliveries theoretically make it possible to completely vaccinate 18,806,200 people.

Note that the doses of the Pfizer vaccine have not yet been deployed as part of the vaccination campaign.

Their administration starts this Tuesday, August 31, as part of the vaccination campaign dedicated to children aged 12-17.

Thanks to these deliveries, Morocco administered 33,008,946 doses on August 30, including:

– First doses: 18,379,071.

– Second doses: 14.629.875.

Slight pressure on stocks

If we exclude Pfizer for the reasons mentioned above, the available stock is 2.75 million doses.

This stock is far from being comfortable to continue both the campaign for adults (1st and 2nd doses) and to start that of children aged 12 to 17 years.

And for good reason, there are at least 3.79 million people waiting to receive their second dose in the current campaign. If we assume that the 302,400 doses of Janssen have been completely administered (they are only counted in the figures in D2), the number exceeds 4 million people.

The number is much more important than the available stock. In view of these calculations, the administration of D1 should have slowed down considerably. But this is not the case. This Monday, 152,175 people received the first dose.

A well-informed source tells us that the authorities have changed their strategy. We draw on the available stock, even that of D2, to allow the campaign to continue, “because at this stage, it is not possible to ask people who arrive for D1 to come back later or other day “.

That said, what allows health authorities to adopt this strategy is visibility on deliveries and their regularity.

Deliveries expected from Sinopharm and Pfizer

This consistency is currently ensured by Sinopharm. The Chinese must still deliver 13 million doses to the Kingdom including a million expected this week out of a total order of 40.5 million doses.

Pfizer, where Morocco has ordered 10 million doses, must a priori observe regular deliveries staggered to December 31, 2021. 8.74 million doses remain to be received. According to our information, a batch of 650,000 doses is expected this September 1.

Regarding the Covax program, our sources mention a batch of 680,000 doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine on September 1. On the Unicef ​​platform dedicated to monitoring Covax data, the delivery date is confirmed, namely September 1, but the quantity is different. On this platform, it is a question of a little more than 2 million doses ready at the supplier.

Astrazeneca has still not resumed its deliveries which have been interrupted since February due to the health situation in India. On this order of 25.5 million doses, it still has to deliver 18.5 million.

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