“Vaccination is murder” on the bus, now threatened with dismissal – Upper Austria

The bus with the label “Vaccination is murder” caused a lot of excitement in Linz. The search for the author continues, there is a threat of dismissal.

The photo from the Linz bus terminal went viral on social networks. No wonder, because “Vaccination is murder” was emblazoned exactly where the bus destination is normally to be read.

One thing is certain: those responsible are now threatened with strict disciplinary measures, which can even lead to an expulsion. The Upper Austrian Transport Association is already looking at full speed for the driver of the Dr. Richard.

“We are in an intensive exchange with Dr. Richard to find out who is responsible,” said Klaus Wimmer, spokesman for the Upper Austrian Transport Association “Today”.

There have already been initial discussions with drivers

“But that is anything but easy. The number plate has been made unrecognizable, there is no line number to be seen. We also don’t know when the photo was taken, we have known about it since Saturday morning. And conversations have already been held with all the drivers – but all deny having reprogrammed the screen in this way. “

Wimmer distances himself vehemently from the statement. He further emphasizes: “In our company, almost 100 percent of the employees are double-vaccinated. As soon as there is the possibility of the third vaccination, we will also use it. The vaccination and the corona protective measures save lives, we stand by that.”

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