Vaccination of hospital staff has started at the CHU and CHR de la Citadelle: “The vaccine, a weapon against the virus”

Important moment this Monday morning, at the CHU! Lucien Bodson, now retired emergency physician and consultant for the CHU, was the first to receive the first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine against Covid-19. A nurse, a logistics person and a lady from the maintenance staff then received him in turn. This act thus marked the launch of vaccination against the coronavirus within the CHU, as was the case in other hospitals in the country.

Two months ago, I was in intensive care, intubated, on a ventilator. I have developed antibodies but we know scientifically that they will only last a few months, 6 to 8 months“, underlined Lucien Bodson, whereas the first dose of the vaccine had just been administered to him.”Vaccination is a boost to antibodies against the virus and I am happy to lead by example. Barrier gestures are important but are only part of the solution. Better to have an extra weapon against the virus. This weapon is the vaccine“.

For her part, Rosalba, logistics assistant in the emergency department, initially hesitated before deciding to be vaccinated. “I was convinced by Professor Moutschen’s very explicit video. I trust science“, she clarified.

544 people

At the Liège University Hospital, it is planned to inject, this week, the first dose of the vaccine to 544 people in intensive care and emergency rooms. The other staff members will follow in the established order of priority.

At the Citadel CHR, vaccination also began this Monday morning with the staff who revolve around the rooms welcoming Covid patients. “At this stage, two hundred people per day can receive the first dose but, logistically speaking, and depending on the arrivals, we can go up to 400 people per day.“.

The people who introduced themselves seemed confident… “You have to be vaccinated for there to be an impact on the population. I do it more to protect others than for myself … So that we can find a normal life, see our loved ones again …“, confided Pauline, nurse at the Citadel.

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