Vaccination of symptomatic people, pregnant women … The main details of the

The first vaccinationwill be made “From the last week of December”, a announced Jean Castex last, while the threshold of 60,000 deaths of Covid-19 was exceeded on Friday. In this worrying context faced with the health situation always very worrying as the holidays approach, the High Authority for Health (HAS) clarified its recommendations for vaccination in a press release published Friday evening.

Who to vaccinate first? The HAS had already given a certain number of answers, last November 30, in its preliminary recommendations on the strategy for prioritizing the populations to be vaccinated. But there was still the question of people who have already been infected with the virus.

What about people who have already had Covid-19?

“To date, the data do not allow us to know whether there is a benefit in vaccinating people who have already been infected with SARS-CoV-2”, explains HAS while adding: « that there is no particular serious adverse effect when a person who has already had Covid-19 is vaccinated ”.

Based on these two observations, the HAS estimates, ” at this stage “, that there is not “No need to systematically vaccinate people who have already developed a symptomatic form of Covid-19”. But according to the independent public authority “These people must be able to be vaccinated if they wish” respecting “A minimum period of 3 months from the onset of symptoms”.

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Finally, HAS also recommends that “People in contact with a case are tested to confirm or rule out a Covid-19 infection before considering vaccination”.

While the number of cases of reinfection at the present time is very low, the HAS recalls that « lThe duration of the long-term immunity conferred by COVID-19 is currently not known “.

Are pregnant women a priority?

Pregnant women are not among the populations to be vaccinated as a priority, according to the HAS which issues this recommendation for lack of data on the issue. She “Will re-examine the advisability of vaccinating pregnant women if new scientific data allow it to be considered”.

In addition, the HAS specifies in its press release that « lPersons with disabilities accommodated in social and medico-social establishments not presenting co-morbidities and / or of high age increasing the risk of severe form are not – at this stage – identified as priority population ”.

But the authority does not rule out considering from the start of the campaign “The vaccination of sub-populations not prioritized because of their age but particularly vulnerable and exposed to COVID-19”. It will be up to the doctors to decide « au case by case ” of “The relevance of vaccination”.


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