Vaccination, the safest remedy against COVID

They can be considered anecdotal episodes compared to the whole school population, but in a few days two cases have been known in two municipalities of Mallorca of students who refused to comply with the anti-COVID regulations. In the first, refusing to put the mask in the center and, in the second, directly giving up going to class to avoid a possible contagion. These are unrelated behaviors, but they reveal the existence of a trace of suspicion against the virus in a context in which there are still almost 200,000 people pending vaccination in the Islands. The topic suggests an emotional charge that must be neutralized as soon as possible, especially by expanding information channels.

Get back to normal.
In a pandemic, the casuistry encompasses all hypotheses, but in the case of the coronavirus, scientific advances (achieved with unusual speed) confirm the effectiveness of prevention measures and, of course, vaccines. In this context, it is surprising that there are those who deny the existence of viruses or, at the opposite extreme, exacerbate its consequences. The debate is still alive among those who remain oblivious to reality and insist on turning their back on the human drama that the virus has generated and generates with its thousands of fatalities, a group that is opposed to those who consider that evil is already under control and you no longer have to maintain any type of precaution; even avoiding vaccination.

More pedagogy.
It may be surprising that there are still hundreds of thousands of citizens of the Balearic Islands who have not been vaccinated, that the vaccine fields have to close due to lack of demand when mass inoculation has been the main barrier to stop this new virus. It is obvious that information needs to be expanded on all fronts, reaching every corner so that ignorance cannot be claimed when rejecting a vaccine.


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