Vaccine against Covid-19. Moderna’s delivery delays amplify the shortage in Europe

Delays in the deliveries of vaccine against the COVID-19 developed by the American laboratory Modern have spread to the entire European continent, with Italy joining France and Switzerland in announcing that February’s doses will not meet expectations.

Moderna said it revised its short-term delivery outlook for Europe and the rest of the world based on the “Upward trajectory” from its supplier of medicinal substances, the Swiss drug manufacturer Lonza.

Several manufacturers affected by delays

Italy now expects shipments of Moderna’s vaccine for the week starting February 7 to be significantly lower than agreed volumes, the government’s special commissioner for COVID-19 said on Friday (January 29), a day after. that France and Switzerland have announced similar delays.

European countries face significant delays in vaccine supply, at least temporarily, with all Western vaccine manufacturers whose vaccines are EU-approved – those from Moderna, Pfizer and BioNTech and as of Friday also AstraZeneca – having announced delays on the delivery targets agreed with Brussels.


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