Vaccine Bubble︱ List of Category D restaurants exposed!Only 4 in the Central and Western District in Hong Kong account for 3 including Four Seasons Hotel | Apple Daily

The government has implemented the “vaccine bubble” policy for about a month and a half. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department today (9th) announced the list of food and beverage establishments under the vaccine bubble of category C and D. Among them, there are only 4 category D restaurants and 3 are located in the Central and Western District. Including Four Seasons Hotel. According to regulations, category D restaurants require all employees to be given two injections. Some people in the catering industry are not surprised that only a small number of shops are registered as category D restaurants. It is estimated that the final number of category D restaurants is only in the hundreds.

The FEHD stated that the person in charge of a catering premises can declare a category C or D category on the special website after his premises comply with the “Prevention and Control of Diseases (Requirements and Instructions) (Business and Premises) Regulations” regarding employee vaccination requirements. Dining premises.After collating the information, the FEHD willList of premises and addressesUpload to the website. The public can also browse the location of the corresponding food and beverage premises in the district by region on the thematic website map.

According to the government’s latest list, there are currently more than 600 restaurants classified as Category C catering premises. It is required that employees must have received a vaccination and all diners must travel with peace of mind. The dinning of the relevant restaurants can be opened until 12 o’clock per night. One for 6 people.

As for category D, there are only 4, namely Four Seasons Hotel, Boomerang & Gram and The China Bar in Central. The last one is BLISS BAR on Sai Yeung Choi North Street, Mong Kok. Four Seasons Hotel has already placed the first floor of the hotel. Part of the basement area, 2-story podium lobby banquet hall and conference hall, 4-story podium small banquet hall and 5-story podium conference hall are registered as Category D restaurants. This type of restaurant requires two injections for all employees and one injection for customers. If they meet the regulations, they can operate until 2 in the morning, and they are limited to 8 people.

Huang Jielong, president of the Rice Seedling Society, said that compared with the 17,000 restaurants in Hong Kong, whether they are category C or category D restaurants, the number is very small, but he thinks it is expected. He explained that although Category D restaurants can be open until 2 a.m., in fact, many restaurants in Hong Kong are located in shopping malls and cannot be open until after midnight. He estimated that in the end there will be hundreds of Category D restaurants, mainly large restaurants, banquet venues and restaurants specializing in late-night snack business. He hopes that when the epidemic is fully controlled, the government can extend the business hours of Category B restaurants by one hour to 11 pm.


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