Vaccine developers to end Corona within a year… It will be at a level similar to that of a cold

Optimism over the possibility of a return to daily life continues
However, he insists that “the key to increasing the vaccination rate is”

Moderna vaccine waiting to be vaccinated / Photo = Yonhap News

Vaccine developers are making predictions that the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) will soon end. However, the key is to increase the vaccination rate.

According to foreign media on the 26th, Moderna’s CEO Stefan Bansel answered the question, ‘Will you be able to return to your daily life next year? “I think it will be possible within a year from the date of release.”

“Corona 19 will eventually become similar to the flu,” he added.

Professor Sarah Gilbert of Oxford University, who co-developed the AstraZeneca vaccine, predicted that COVID-19 would be similar to the common cold.

“As the virus spreads among people with strong immunity, the fatality rate gradually decreases,” said Professor Gilbert.

Scott Gottlieb, director of Pfizer and former director of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has stressed the need to increase vaccination rates for COVID-19 to become a seasonal disease.

Gottlieb said, “In order for COVID-19 to become an endemic disease, increasing the vaccination rate is the top priority.

Choi Soo-jin, reporter at [email protected]

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