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Vaccine Effectiveness: Confidence in Oxford | COVID-19

New Delhi കോ Oxford University has not given up confidence as Kovid cases spread across more countries through the Omicron variant. Oxford said there was no evidence that their vaccine was effective against Omicron. The effectiveness of the vaccine developed in conjunction with AstraZeneca is crucial for India as well.

The same vaccine is available in India under the name Serum Institute Covshield. Oxford said the vaccine could be quickly renewed against the new variant if needed.

Meanwhile, the vaccine company Modena and the drug company Regeneron have expressed concern about the effectiveness of the vaccine. It may take up to two weeks to get clear data on the effectiveness of the vaccine against the new variant. Modena CEO Stefan Bansal said the information shared by the researchers was not optimistic. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals has also come forward to share concerns about the effectiveness of their antibody treatment for Omicron.

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