Vaccine “Pfizer” has come to apply for registration with the FDA: PPTVHD36

FDA reveals progress in licensing COVID-19 vaccine Recently, the Pfizer vaccine came to request registration with the FDA. already

Reporters reported that Dr. Paisan Dankhum, secretary-general of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed the progress of Considering the approval of the COVID-19 vaccine in Thailand that Now, COMIRNATY VACCINE, a vaccine of Pfizer Co., Ltd., has applied for FDA approval. already by Pfizer Thailand Co., Ltd. is the applicant and the FDA is in the process of evaluating the registration application.

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FDA registered “Moderna”, but vaccines have to wait

Previously, the FDA has approved 5 COVID-19 vaccines, namely AstraZeneca vaccine by AstraZeneca (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and domestically produced by Siam Bioscience Company. Co., Ltd. The coronavirus vaccine of Sinovac is imported by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization. Johnson & Johnson vaccines by Jansen-Selac Co., Ltd., including Moderna vaccines by Zuellig Pharma Co., Ltd. and, most recently, Sinofarm vaccines by Bioge. Netech Co., Ltd.


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