Vaccinees die from Covid but here is proof that it would be worse without a vaccine

More and more deaths among the vaccinated population? The Huffpost explains mathematically why it is not because of a lower effectiveness of the vaccines.

VACCINES – Is vaccination ineffective against Covid? This is what recently suggested his detractors like Florent Philippot on Twitter, supporting statistics. On what basis?

In England, a briefing by Public Health England (PHE) published on June 25 indicates that the majority of recent deaths linked to Covid have been observed in vaccinated people. Of 117 deaths of patients affected (over the period studied) by the Delta variant, 50 were fully vaccinated and 20 had received only one dose. In Israel, 40% of new infected people are vaccinated according to Cnews, reporting the words of a former director general of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

However, these figures do not mean that the vaccines are ineffective, a simple mathematical calculation makes it possible on the contrary to realize it.

A vaccine is never 100% effective, but …

Vaccines, even if they are very efficient, are never 100%. The reasons behind the vaccine failures are not yet fully understood. A vaccine can be partially defeated by poor immunity in the patient or a mutation in the virus. The fact remains that the latest studies suggest that vaccines retain significant efficacy against the Delta variant; if vaccines lose effectiveness with one dose, they show good levels with a full vaccination schedule; the vaccine Pfizer displays 88% success, close to what we see against other strains.

Even if this is dama …

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.

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