Vaccines in Israel do not reach the elderly isolated in their homes

The vaccination campaign continues, and since yesterday people from 50 years of age have also been vaccinated. However, the isolated population at home, numbering some 115,000 people, including many Holocaust survivors, was left with no response and no expectations of receiving the long-awaited vaccine that would help them return to normalcy.

Rivka Brauner is the daughter of Aliza Goldberg, a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor who has not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus because she cannot leave home. “My mother cannot walk and moves around in a wheelchair. Taking her to the vaccination center requires transporting her by ambulance, which is complicated and also costs a lot of money. There are two places that can be reached by wheelchair, but they do not administer the vaccine. I understand that it is difficult to take vaccines home, but why can’t they be delivered in the clinics attended by people who are isolated at home? ”Asked Rivka.

“It is not clear why they are not resolving the matter.” Aliza Goldberg.

Although Brauner’s mother was recently hospitalized, she said the hospital refused to vaccinate her. “She was hospitalized for five days and I asked for the vaccine to be administered, but they said that was not part of the procedure. It is not known why they do not resolve the matter. It is incomprehensible. Why can she be tested for coronavirus but not vaccinated ? ”, He expressed.

During an interview with YnetProfessor Nachman Ash, in charge of the fight against the coronavirus in Israel, said: “It is very important for us to vaccinate people who cannot leave home, but we want it to be done in the most effective way possible. This type of vaccination is more complex. In the meantime, we have authorized the vaccination of their family members to increase their protection. I hope we can reach them soon ”.

Batsheva Katushevsky, one of the isolated elderly people who has not yet received the vaccine.

Batsheva Katushevsky, one of the isolated elderly people who has not yet received the vaccine.

Batsheva Katushevsky, 90, is also isolated at home and has also not received the coronavirus vaccine. Her daughter, Zehava Schneider, 69, spoke about her worry and frustration. “I called my health insurance several times, and they told me that there were no vaccinations. After much insistence they told me that they had not been given instructions on how to vaccinate isolated people at home. I see that everyone gets vaccinated, including my children and I am vaccinated and only she is not, “said Zehava.

“[Las autoridades] stated that vaccines of [la farmacéutica] Moderna would be intended for those who cannot leave home, but finally decided to hand them over to the Army. How can it be that the Army has priority over people who cannot leave the house? ”, She said, confused.

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