Vaccines. Mayors ask the State for “real-time” information on stocks

The Association of Mayors of France (AMF) on Tuesday January 19 asked the State for a “Real-time information” on stocks of vaccines and the supply schedule while some elected officials denounce a “Vaccine shortage” against the Covid-19.

“In order to guarantee the success of vaccination, strengthen the climate of confidence and avoid citizens’ misunderstanding, the AMF calls for greater transparency on the part of the State on the vaccination strategy”, said the association in a statement.

She requested that the state deliver “Real-time information to mayors on stocks and supply schedules of vaccines available in vaccination centers”.

In recent days, several mayors have deplored “A shortage of vaccines”, like Martine Aubry in Lille who asked the government on Monday that it “Tell the truth! That we do not start over the same story as with the masks or the tests ”.

The mayors of Dijon, François Rebsamen, and of Besançon, Anne Vignot, two of the cities most affected in France by the Covid-19, also denounced “The deficiency of the central state” in the delivery of vaccines.

The AMF also underlined “The importance of clarifying national directives in order to better coordinate actions between regional health agencies (ARS) and prefects and clarify expectations regarding the role of mayors”.


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