Val-d’Oise: the body of a scalped man found in Goussainville

Help fell on a morbid scene. A 56-year-old man was found dead Wednesday in his pavilion in Goussainville (Val-d’Oise), victim of a scalpation in a case where three people were taken into custody.

The helpers moved Wednesday at 6:45 p.m. on the scene of the tragedy, rue Raymond-Lapchin, a suburban street of Goussainville. They found the dead body of the victim. The police from the Gonesse police station, who immediately went to the scene, arrested three people at the scene.

Among them, two men aged 42 and 52 who were in the victim’s pavilion, in a state of intoxication. All the protagonists are also of Ski-Lankan nationality.

Auditions in progress

The precise circumstances of the facts as their origin remain at this stage undetermined. “The hearings are underway in the context of police custody to determine them,” said the Pontoise prosecution.

“This is a gentleman who wore glasses and walked with a crutch. But I didn’t see him much in the street, ”says a local resident. Another neighbor who learned of the murder this Thursday morning indicates for his part to have regularly seen three men living in the house. “They were obviously drinking a lot. They were drunk all the time when they passed the house. “

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