Valais armories victims of gangs from France

The Lyon gangs have already targeted a Valais armory in the past. An investigation will attempt to determine whether certain cantonal cases are linked to individuals arrested in France on Monday morning.

At the beginning of May, an armory was broken into during the night in Sion (VS).

© Tamedia AG / Raisa Durandi
At the beginning of May, an armory was broken into during the night in Sion (VS).

Monday morning, nine individuals suspected of preparing armory burglaries in Switzerland were arrested in the Lyon region. An investigation should make it possible to determine whether these thugs are linked to certain Valais files, reports “The Nouvelliste“. In recent times, the canton has been the target of gangs from France several times. A Sedun armory had in particular been burgled in early May and it would seem that this is not an isolated case.

Last January, a Lyon gang had already been arrested while on his way to the canton for an armory breakage. According to the newspaper’s investigation, several vehicles had been blocked before entering Valais and investigations then made it possible to determine the plans of these individuals. According to Christian Varone, commander of the Valais cantonal police, these incidents are linked to the problem of border surveillance and the securing of weapons. It also highlights the fact that the Swiss Penal Code does not punish preparatory acts of break and enter.

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